The worst signings in the history of Betis

The worst signings in the history of Betis
Martín Palermo with a young Joaquín in the image. Martín Palermo with a young Joaquín in the image, Martín Palermo with a young Joaquín in the image. PHOTO: Brand

Who are the worst signings in the history of Betis? The Seville team is one of the classics of Spanish football but also one of the most peculiar and known League teams. With a rich history that has had all, especially in the last decade where it has hit changes as abrupt as playing in Champions and down several times, the Betis It is one of those teams where it's hard to go unnoticed for better or worse.

The worst signings in the history of Betis

Denilson: the case of the Brazilian more than because it was bad that it was not, because he had a huge talent, it was for the exaggerated amount that Lopera paid, one of the most peculiar presidents of the League for him. Nothing less than 5300 million old pesetas, that the late 90, were many millions (just over 30 million today) , in which it was once the most expensive signing in history.

The worst signings in the history of Betis
Lopera the day he introduced Denilson. PHOTO: Brand

As if that were not enough, He put a clause 65.000 millions. Denilson had talent and let it trickle samples but excessive price made it a ruinous signing, possibly the worst operation in the history of Betis.

Andrei: He came to Spain to play at Atletico Madrid but after a season in the club mattress that had fichado by 1000 millions, He was transferred to Betis 500 in a deal between the two clubs at that time they were headed by Jesus Gil y Lopera (almost nothing). Both clubs lost. Atletico because he sold it for half what it had cost him and Betis because they came a genuine pufo not paid in the verdiblanco box and ended almost gifted.

Kukleta: It was one of the first signings of Lopera in the early 90 when he was not yet president of Betis. Béticos they paid 100 million pesetas for the front of the Czech Republic who at the time played for Spartak Moscow. With a peculiar way of understanding life, He did not like training, I was a fan of the night and the food in Seville and smoked packs of snuff 3 in 3. Died in 2011 to the 46 year old.

Odonkor: This footballer highlighted in the World 2006 from Germany for many reasons. One was that the German player, I was able to run the 100 meter sprinter in the purest style. A rapídismo footballer in the Betis was fixed and paid for it 4,5 millions of euros. A series of injuries prevented the player could not only succeed in Betis but no team. He retired to 29 years and always she left feeling that could reach more.

worst signings in the history of Betis
Injuries prevented Odonkor succeed. Photo:

Puma Rodriguez: José Luis Rodríguez “The Puma” He played for Betis. And we do not mean that singer leafy tupe the tapes broke into the gas station 80 but the rotund Argentine forward who played Betis. Behind a failure, with obvious overweight coming to pass 90 kilos and as striking as things get a colic spend eating suckling pig. A phenomenon which can read more here.

Fantaguzzi: Argentine player peculiar name, Betis him He signed in 1987 from Western Railway. Sevilla passing through was quite dispensable because in his only season in the set Betis played only in the partidillos training and as is logical, he left there a few months after his arrival completing a nefarious operation.

Rafael Jacques: Betis de Lopera also joined in this Brazilian 1998 I was playing in the Japanese football. I would not know where technicians of the time but the truth is that scratched pocket to bring this case in the Betis striker who did not give much to talk. Juice 5 games but scored that if, No hesitation Villarreal. One of the worst signings in the history of Betis.

Gudjonsson: early twenty-first century Betis decided to take the checkbook to sign for a 800 million of the time this Player Icelandic I keep nothing remarkable with verdiblanca shirt. A signing of those to forget.

draft: this Portuguese came to Betis in 2001 but his performances did not convince the technicians of the time and ended up playing more seasons and games in Poli Ejido that at the time, It was one of the top half teams Monday, in the Betis where its happened is best remembered for other things that are not football.

Dusko Tosic: in 2011 Betis signed this Serb side coming given by Red Star. But it did not end neither the season and came in the winter after adding 37 minutes in League and Cup match. A little productive signing for Betis.

the worst signings in the history of Betis
Tosic went unnoticed at Betis. PHOTO: Eldesmarque


What other players would you add to the list?

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