The best goals in the history of Valencia CF

The best goals in the history of Valencia CF
Mendieta goal by Atletico. One of the best in the history of Valencia. PHOTO: Brand

What have been the best goals in the history of Valencia? A hundred years go far glorious times and remember nothing better than to look back and remember what were the ten best goals in the history of Valencia. many missing, but there are works of art.

The best goals in the history of Valencia


The bat team He hits 1999 the Copa del Rey in Seville. What made it big with a goal label to which nothing could do Molina. It won a title, but above all an indelible memory. Precision, talent and magic in a goal where we find hats and petrolatum.


The 13 June 1993 Gaizka Mendieta precisely debut in Valencia. It did in the Carranza. But nevertheless, what many know was that young blonde going to see an otherworldly goal by another blonde. A Brazilian named Leonardo He dodged five opponents before beating Fernández Tube. At times, He reminded the goal Maradona 1986. Over, with the aggravating circumstance do in Cadiz and in front of Magic.


We could include here Baraja's goal to Barcelona in Copa, even its Chilean to post to Riazor was more beautiful than many goals. As well, the center-angle shot of the Romareda or the umpteenth display Mendieta, as that trademark in San Mames.

We opted this time for the Supercup 1999 and a difficult goal to also see the work of Basque. It was a corner kick launched by Ilie colossal splice Mendieta shot that went into the top corner. The goal had all the ingredients. Power, coordination and talent.

Pedja Mitjatovic

The Montenegrin was the scorer of the seventh wearing the shirt of Real Madrid. But before he left his mark on Valencia, where he scored one of the goals of the decade in a cathedral of football as all the old San Mames. From the countryside, Balkan demonstrated his talent. (From 1:10).


El Guaje could not miss in the list. Of all the colors he got Asturian. But one stood out above all. Riazor, since 50 meters, she turned, He raised his head and surprised Molina. Recordable forever.


The Brazilian was not long in Valencia but left some indelible detail. maybe, the most memorable came against Atletico Madrid. He took a rebound in three quarters of the field to start making toquecitos and then release a shot before which nothing could do (yes, again) Molina.

Mehmet Topal

The first thing one would come to mind when you see the goal is the amazing word. for that. It happened in the Europa League. A tremendous shot that combine strength and placement. An unstoppable howitzer.


Osasuna could witness one of the few goals he scored during his career Albelda, but goal. This time was not on the defensive, but in attack. A sublime vaseline, left to make matters worse, which stunned the fans pamploneses.

Piojo Lopez

Argentina was one of the greats of Valencia at the end of the decade of the 90 and the beginning of the new millennium. Against PSV in 1999 He left its indelible mark. It was an impossible race or a shot to use that we used. It was a volley on the turn that served to begin the journey in the European elite in the best way. So much, that much was proclaimed the best competition of the year.


I could not miss the great emblem Valencia striker. His were the goals of the Cup final to Real Madrid and many other invaluable. But nevertheless, against Barcelona, the "Matador" with a single gesture knocked out his rivals and marked one of the most beautiful goals from his career.

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