Champions Champions of Africa and Asia, another way to continental cups

Champions de África y Champions de Asia, otra forma de hacer copas continentales
Steven Gerrard in a CONCACAF Champions League match against Mexican America. Foto:

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It is clear that the Champions League is the highest club competition and that every footballer has the dream of winning it sometime in its history. Sin embargo, what few know is that there are other Champions in other continents, either in Africa, Asia or Central America. A ellas, Today in Hanging Up for Soccer we dedicate our post to them:

1- Champions of Africa: has been disputed since 1964 although with the name of Champions League since 1997, when he completely renewed his face. They participate 64 teams in a previous phase ( league champions and 12 runners-up from the major leagues plus the champion and runner-up from the competition the previous year) in which through a tie they decide the 32 teams that become part of the group stage, in the image and likeness of what is happening in Europe.  Once in eighths, a double-game tie is played with double the goals and with the particularity that the eight eliminated become part of the Confederation Cup, competition that whoever wins agrees to play the African Super Cup.

Final position The money awarded
to the club
Champion $ 1.500.000
Finalist $ 1,000,000
Semifinalists $ 700,000
Third in the group stage $ 500.000
4 º in the group stage $ 400,000

2- Asian Champions: Its existence dates from 1967 although since 1971 hasta 1985 it was not disputed due to lack of interest from the clubs in the area. Desde 2009 it has a new format where they participate 32 teams from the top ten leagues of the Confederation, which are divided into a phase of eight groups, just like in Europe, and after having passed a previous tie. As in Africa and Europe, the best two qualify for eighths who play from there to a double elimination match until the final, which is also played in a double game.

Phase Money that is distributed Travel allowance
Playoffs classification   $ 20,000
Group stage Gana: $ 40,000 & Tie: $ 20,000 $ 30.000
Ronda de 16 $ 50.000 $ 40,000
Quarter finals $ 80.000 $ 50.000
Semifinals 120.000 dólares $ 60.000
Final Champion: $ 1.500.000 y Subcampeón: $ 750,000 $ 60.000

Monetarily distributes about eight million euros, getting the champion 1,5 million dollars plus the accumulated from previous rounds and the subsidy to cover displacements. The champion plays the Club World Cup as in the other confederations and it must be said that Australian teams are included in the competition.

La Champions de Asia tuvo un ganador chino.
The Asian Champions League had a Chinese winner in 2013.

3- Champions of North and Central America: creada en 1962, although since 2008 with the current system, is the Champions of Mexico, country that usually wins it, for not in vain only the Costa Rican Saprissa has allowed itself the luxury of taking away that power in this new millennium.  The tournament is made up of 24 equipment, four clubs from the United States and four from Mexico, three caribbean , two clubs from Costa Rica, two from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama, and a representative from Canada, Belize and Nicaragua.

These 24 teams are divided into eight groups of three sets, of which the champion goes to the quarterfinals. The rooms match the best first with the worst first, the second with the seventh, to the third with the sixth and to the fourth with the fifth that they decide to go and return the pass to the semifinals and final, which are also held twice. It is usually celebrated from August to April and the champion goes to the Club World Cup as a prize.

La Champions de la CONCACAF está dominado por conjuntos mexicanos normalmente.
The CONCACAF Champions League is dominated by Mexican teams normally.

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