The origin of the legend of moral Alcoyano

The origin of the legend of moral Alcoyano
El Collao is the Alcoyano field. The most moral team in the world. PHOTO: As

You have more moral than the Alcoyano. Surely more than one of you readers of Colgadosporelfutbol, have you ever heard the famous phrase. But nevertheless, what few know is where the famous legend of this curious Valencian team comes from. As usual, what you have.

Where does it come from, you have more morals than Alcoyano?

Alcoyano is a mythical and historical football team from the Valencian Community, located in Alcoy, within Alicante. Assiduous to the Second B, Second he went through not long ago and played first in the early 40-50. However, the origin of the phrase has different versions or so have different theories and urban myths.

One of those legends says that the phrase ” you have more moral than Alcoyano” was born after in a match where Alcoyano lost by 7-1, the referee decided to end the match a couple of minutes before and players, the Alcoyano, decided to strongly protest the trencilla not give the 90 minutes of regulation. Let's go, as if to tie despite losing 6 Of diference. Hence the famous phrase of morality.

Others say it comes from a party where Alcoyano lost 13-0 and players did not stop to give encouragement. The at least more official version is that the saying comes from the spirit of the club, fighter, representing the townsfolk. Either way, the phrase became a classic of Spanish vocabulary and is eventually all, we usually have more moral than Alcoyano in certain situations.

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Alberto Llopis

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