The best players in the history of Brazil

The best players in the history of Brazil
Skin, the best Brazilian player ever. PHOTO: Sinmordaza

Who are the best players in the history of Brazil? Making a list of the best footballers that a country like Brazil has produced is an arduous and very complicated task., given the excellent level that has always given the carioca territory when drawing great players. But we will try in this article, bring together some of Best Brazilian Soccer Players in History.


Pelé is considered by many the best player in the history of the sport. Talent, fantasy, goals from all invoices, What could we say the king of football that is not known already? With ten in his zamarra, Pele gave fantasy afternoons and evenings during the 60 and the 70, especially with the zamarra Brazil.

Possibly it was ahead of his time. It was four steps ahead of most players of his generation, although he was a contemporary of great geniuses of this sport. In 1958, con 17 years, He had already proclaimed world champion. It was in Sweden and did amaze the world. He won three World Cups in total.

His only mole was perhaps not go racing in Europe. He only left Brazil to play in the New York Cosmos and it was in the twilight of his career.

Pelé with the shirt of New York Cosmos
Pelé with the shirt of the New York Cosmos in the 70. PHOTO: Twitter

Mané Garrincha

Mane Garrincha is the best dribbler in the history of Brazil, and possibly soccer. Legend Player, I was able to dribble past anyone who got ahead. Player purely band, conceived football and life as a fun. He lived both.

He had a series of physical and mental handicaps, plus certain addictions, that foreshadowed what would happen with more pain than glory for life. It was not so, on the field every time he caught the ball, something happened. One of the best Brazilian players ever. He had a sad ending.

the best players in the history of Brazil
Stop Garrincha was no easy task as seen in the photo


Didi was part of the Brazil team that won the World Championships 1958 Sweden and Chile in 1962. He played midfield and according to the IFFHS, one of the twenty best players of the twentieth century. Pele and Garrincha partner, He formed alongside these some of the best teams in the history of Brazil. Real Madrid played Alfredo Di Stefano of, but she failed to emphasize with another best ever.


The star swelled to score goals from the late 90s until the end of the first decade of the century. It was one the best pure center forward Brazil's history and possibly the world. His torn potential were memorable, If Ronaldo tore race, It was very difficult to stop you.

Almost he never failed in one hand and his ability to score goals was inhumane. Perhaps serious injuries during his career detracted him. Still he won two World, the first with 17 years as Pele, and was runner-up another. The best striker of football history.

the best players in the history of Brazil
Ronaldo Nazario, one of the best Brazilian players in history and the best striker he has given football. PHOTO: StudioFútbol


Nicknamed the “white Pele”, Obviously compared to the enormous technical quality and talent hoarded in his legs meant. Player of the Year in South America on several occasions, It is clearly one of the best players in the history of Brazil.

Con 406 official goals to his credit, Zico is the highest scoring midfielder in history. Very arrival and a spectacular shot, Wonderland made public, especially with direct free kicks, where he was a teacher. Undoubtedly one of the best players in the history of Brazil and football, although his biggest moon was never to win a World.

Best players in the history of Brazil
Zico, pure talent. PHOTO: Brand

Roberto Carlos

It was the best left back in the world and possibly history. Fast, powerful, spectacular, technician and a terrific shot made him one of the Brazilian best players ever. Collector of collective and individual titles, They remembered his amazing goals, or marking to France 1997. If you are interested, I remember some of the best goals from Roberto Carlos.


The doctor gave lessons on the lawn. Along with Zico, Falcao Toninho Cerezo, It was a member of one of the teams that played better football but unfortunately football was not fair to them and they failed to win any World.

Elegant in its movements, He had an excellent vision of game wonderful and excellent bunt. He moved the ball at will. Framework 209 goals during his career despite being midfielder. Died in 2011.

The doctor, one of the best players in the history of Brazil
The doctor, one of the best players in the history of Brazil. PHOTO: Brand

Paulo Roberto Falcão

It was another member of Brazil's 1982 which marked an era despite not winning the tournament. Perhaps surprising that several members of that team are on this list ahead of others that if won World, But is that despite not win any World Championship, Embroidered football.

technical midfielder with excellent ball treatment, his boots were born many of the plays of his team. Socrates and Zico with, He formed a midfield many kilates.


It's one of the top scorers in the history of football. Skillful and the best definition which has ever seen, Romario was able to score three goals in a game and leave the feeling that I had not even moved.

Lethal within the area, It was also known to be lethal in clubs. Say cheerful character, Romario goleaba and off the field. Within the field, they are memorable USA World Cup 94, where it formed a lethal pair with Bebeto, another best players in the history of Brazil.

Leonidas da Silva

It was the first big player in the history of Brazil. Dubbed the black diamond, Brazil played with the world of 1934 y 1938, In the latter being the top scorer of the tournament.

They say it, who was the inventor of the bicycle move. His charisma early last century was such, even a chocolate brand was created called the black diamond.


What about one of the most talented footballers who have never stepped on a football field?, the man who was able to put up the Bernabeu…with Barca shirt. He was the best player in the beginning of the XXI century and coincided at the beginning of a certain Leo Messi FC Barcelona. He won the World Cup 2002 Brazil and the Ballon d'Or 2005. Fucking magic in state for one of the best players in the history of Brazil which it is the feeling, that he could do more.

Ronaldinho and Neymar with Brazil shirt
Ronaldinho and Neymar for Brazil. Two of the best Brazilian players ever. PHOTO: DIRECTV Sports

Other top players in the history of Brazil:

Nilson Santos, Rivelino, Vava, Toninho Cerezo, Cafu, Rivaldo, Rivelino, Charles Albert, Djalma Santos, Bebeto, Branco, Dunga, Mauro Silva, Kaka, Neymar, Marcelo…


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