Garrincha, the best dribbler in history

Garrincha, the best dribbler in history
Manuel Francisco Dos Santos, "Garrincha" world played: 1958, 1962 y 1966, 12 matches History: World Champion in 1958 y 1962 Goals in World Cups: 3 Photo: Brand

The protagonist we bring today, It is one of those players who did not leave anyone indifferent. Able to haggle every living creature that passed close, He was a player of legend, but also because of its characteristics, also he left as real pearls story. Today we will introduce into our hall of fame Manuel Francisco Dos Santos, they know who it is? Yeah, él, Garrincha.

Garrincha, was a phenomenon on and off the field, although since his birth 28 October 1933, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he was doomed to go through life with more pain than glory. For our hero, He had both feet turned 80 degrees inward, right leg longer than the left, specific 6 cm. Besides, He had a crooked spine and to top it had a small polio. Because I didn't have enough, his brain was a bit relaxed, almost like a child and was addicted to snuff and alcohol. With such a scenario, few would think that we are talking about one of the most brilliant players in football history.

Garrincha was able to make plays to Oliver and Benji

What Garrincha, It was a nickname he put his brothers in relation to a type of bird ugly but at the same time is incredibly fast at the same time awkward. But with all these Taras, when the field jumped and grabbed the ball, Garrincha, regatearse was able to drink seller Stadium. Bored to greatly defenses prancing again and again, as in the famous picture where it appears surrounded by eight counter and which he got out haggling. Rightmost of those who no longer are, He marked a genuine era with a cheerful style football, as his life, and is that Garrincha, He lived in another world. But of that, We'll talk later.

He was a legend in the Botafogo, but he also played for Corinthians, Junior Colombian, Flamengo, He traveled to Europe to play in the Red Star of Paris and retired in the Brazilian Olaira. Total, his career lasted from 1954 until 1972, but as we said at the beginning, most he spent in the Botafogo. I note 244 during his career. With Brazil, was a myth at the height of Skin. He played three World Cups and won two, the first two. Sweden 1958 ( wherein said Pelé debut), Chile 1962 and england 1966 were his three FIFA World Cups. The appointment of 1962, in Chile, It was top scorer, so he received the Golden Boot.

Able to make plays dream, anthological impossible dribbles and goals, Garrincha also left their ” Garrinchadas”. Many stories circulating around about him, They are giving an idea of ​​the mind so relaxed I had, or psychologist said “Canarinha” of the time; A child's mind. They say that Garrincha, excited man, a radio was bought in Sweden, during the World 1958. He plugged in and just listened as people speak Swedish and did not understand anything, he returned, without realizing that the radio could have used in Brazil, who just spoke in Swedish because he was in Sweden.

Another of his famous stories was when I was about to play a final and asked the manager why were so many people. Este, with patience, it already knew, he replied that it was because they were going to play the final. Garrincha nodded, and then I understood. This sort of thing did see that he was a genius on the field and off he lived in another world.

Addicted to snuff and alcohol, Garrincha also goleaba off the field. Con 14 children recognized and some other unrecognized, He lived life as in football field, in their own way. He 20 of January of 1983, He died of his alcohol addiction, cirrhosis, and did so in misery, as a homeless, something far from its status as great player history, but, He lived in another world and in Hanged for football We continue talking about their stories, but that, will be another day.

Mané Garrincha was always a peculiar kind and very jovial

PD: Do not miss the documentary Garrincha, People's joy, it's worth it.

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