The best wingers in football history

The best wingers in football history
Garrincha was one of the best in his position. It was difficult to remove the ball as seen in the image. PHOTO: Google

Make a list about the best wingers in football history it seems complicated. The extreme, Is that endangered position. Gone are in football today, Ferrous trapped by tactical systems and gurus who have discovered the game without bands, those players with something special that stuck to the sidelines and which was almost impossible to steal the ball. Colgados as we are romantics, we remind you of some of the best wingers in history football, those players capable of overflowing in many ways rival.

The best wingers in football history

Mane Garrincha

The joy of living. They say that life as lived in the soccer field. Considered the best dribbler in history, the ball seemed to stick his foot with glue that made him face all challengers to be present ahead. Despite suffering several losses and a delay, It is considered one of the best players of all time. Mane Garrincha he was outstanding in the field.

Ryan Giggs

He is the player with the most appearances in the history of the Red Devil's. He lived attached to the lime during 24 seasons. He made his debut with Manchester United in 1990 and since then he won 13 English leagues, 4 FA Cup y 2 Champions. Besides it has the record of having scored during 23 consecutive seasons in the Premier. Almost nothing.

George Best

Genial, eccentric, different…These would be some of the attributes that could define George Best, one of the best players that has given football. With a very similar life to that of Garrincha, Britain was pure spectacle on the pitch. Another player who marked an era in the band Old Trafford as Ryan Giggs.

Luis Figo

Luis Figo He gave a real lesson in overflowing and dribbling from the middle of the 90 half of the first decade of the century. He played for Sporting Lisbon, Barcelona, Real Madrid e Inter. Precisely his pass from Barcelona to Madrid filled rivers of ink during the summer 2000 and it caused no little controversy as pig flying from the stands of Camp Nou. With its overflowing, skill and goalscoring ability was the delight of football fans in general.

His only blur, action that cost him the injury to the player Zaragoza, Cesar Jimenez, and it costs the player then maño subsidiary, the withdrawal of professional football.

Paco Gento

The Cantabrian Galerna as it was nicknamed the great left-winger, He was one of the players concerning the Madrid Ye-Ye who dominated Europe back in the early 60. He passed 18 seasons at Real Madrid where he arrived from Racing Santander. Won 12 leagues and 6 European Cups fact that makes record holder being the player with more European Cups in his possession. Spanish international, played two World Cups with the Spanish team of the Franco regime of the time and participated in the first European Championship that Spain won in 1964. He is a legend in the white club and is considered by the Federation of Football History and Statistics one of the best players of the 20th century.


He was precisely the successor to Garrincha on the right wing of Brazil. He was world champion in Mexico where he also scored 7 goals in the appointment with that Brazil 70. He also played the championships of 1966 Y 1974. They say that he played the perfect World Cup in Mexico after scoring in all the games. It's for FIFA, one of the best wingers ever.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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