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What do the stars mean on the shirts of teams?

What do the stars mean on the shirts of teams? Many teams and selections carry on their shirts stars on the top of the shield. But sometimes it's just a small ornament to the shirt and the team crest, The truth is that many times, this small simbolito represents the triumphs and titles won by a set throughout its history.

The easiest case is to identify selections. FIFA decided that every world championship won by a country would be honored with a star on the shirt. So, many world many stars. Thus, Brazil (with 5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Argentina (2), France (1), England (1) and Spain (1) enjoy this symbol on their shirts.

The stars of the Brazil shirt represents the number of World won by Canarinhos.

The most striking case within the national teams of Uruguay is perhaps the, which carries four stars in his luggage, when it has only achieved two (world 30 Y 50). The reason is none other than the celestial were the winners of the gold medal of the Olympic Games 1924 Y 1928, years which had not yet world, so that FIFA considered that these Olympic championships were considering “world”.

For teams, things change. Each federation and league is free to assign stars to their teams. In Italy, a star is ten leagues. Thus, Juventus two stars (28 suspenders) and Milan and Inter Milan (18 each)with are the only sets in the transalpine country possessing the precious symbol.

Juve is one of the most successful clubs in the world

In Germany, the issue is complicated. Three Bundesliga titles right you get a star (Hamburg and Stuttgart and Werder Bremen); for every five two symbols (Borussia Mönchenglad Bach y Dormund); three per dozen titles and finally four for 20 suspenders (Bayern is the only one who has to 21). Because its transient separation into two, They are counted as titles to validate the stars conquered in the Federal Republic.

All this in the case of playing within Germany, because doing out, both Borussia can only do competing with a single star, while several teams (including Kaiserlautern and Cologne) incorporate the aforementioned star in domestic competitions have not.

The City does not have many titles but also leads stars in his shirt.

In England, Manchester City has three stars to remember won three leagues (the last 2012) Premier has no tradition of granting such symbols. In the case of Turkey, There are five leagues which give a star.

With regard to South America, Boca Juniors holds three star honor his three Intercontinental Cups and 50 smaller on a smaller inside the shield itself estrellitas. Other teams wear them in honor of the Libertadores Cups won as the case of Chile Colo Colo (year 91).

The stars of Boca indicate the number of times they have won the Intercontinental Cup.
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