The worst rounds of League history

Las peores vueltas de la historia de la Liga
Which teams have the dubious record of having made the worst laps in the history of the Spanish League? PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

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What are the worst ever laps of the Spanish League? The League is a tournament where the trend regularly during 38 parties, marks the evolution and the final position of the teams. A bad back can condemn a team to not meet its goals and even give their hosts in second. And unfortunately for some teams, there are precedents of horrible laps. You go over what turns worst in the Spanish League since the victories are worth three points.

The worst rounds of League history

Córdoba (2014/15) con 2 points

First Cordoba again after many decades are ostracized and well he succeeded with a historical machada when nobody had them. But the dream ended in nightmare. After a reasonable first round with 18 points, the second was a total debacle adding only two draws in 19 all parties and ending the second round without winning marking the worst round of the history of the league with 2 points.

Sporting (1997/98) con 3 points

Gijoneses had the negative record of being the worst team in completing a return to the second round by the Cordoba 2015. En la 97/98 those of the Molinon only succeeded in extracting three draws in the first round of the League. Eso si, son the worst team in league history.

Almería (2023/24) con 5 points

The Almería team made a very strong economic bet of many millions of euros for the season 2023-24. Con 5 points, those from Almería sign what is until now, third worst return in the history of the Spanish League.

Racing de Santander (2011/12) con 7 points

Strake was also the second round of the Racing in the 2011/12. Cntabros managed to do just 7 points in the last 19 League matches that finishing as Sporting and Cordoba without winning a single game on a whole lap. Como en los otros dos casos, those of the Sardinero fell to second as colistas.

Málaga (2005/06) con 7 points

Malaga also collapsed in the second round of the League 2005/06 achieving 7 points though at least, They won a game and did not complete a lap without emerging victorious from a meeting. A victory, four draws and fourteen losses were their baggage.

Elche (2022-23) con 6 points

The team from Elche starred in one of the worst turns in the history of the League con 6 draws and 13 defeats adding only 6 points in the first round of the course 2022-23.

Eibar (2014/15) con 8 points

Basque staged one of the most unusual cases that are remembered in the league. They climbed Second B to First flip and starred in the surprise of the league being one of the best teams in the first round with 27 points and finishing the first knockout stage looking to Europe. Nothing to do with a horrible second round that ended 8 points and a decline that very few predicted after a first round primorosa. Two wins and two draws 19 games ended with Ipurua of Segunda but were saved by the administrative decline in Elche.

Levante (2021/22) con 8 points

Levante signed a shameful first round with 8 points and a whopping 0 wins in 19 parties that also joined the 8 last season's winless games. A drama.

health (2016-17) con 9 points

El Osasuna 2016-17 not only completed one of the worst round of League history but also it has the dubious honor of being one of the thrashings of more defenses League history. A victory, 6 draws and 12 losses were their baggage in the first round of that year.

Málaga (2017-18) con 9 points

The Malaga 17-18 also it has the dubious honor of being one of the teams performed worse back in the history of the League. Those 9 points in the second round which cost him a decline in April because in the first round they had not been very successful, doing just 11.

Other of the worst turns in the history of the Spanish League

He Granada 2016-17 hizo 10 points in the first round and 10 in the second. The Palms 2017-18 He also repeated around doing just 11 in the first and 11 in the second. He Huesca 2018-19 He finished the first round with only 11 points. The same as Espanyol 2019-20 who also failed to win any match at home all around.

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