the worst 20 second football history

the worst 20 second football history
This play was that of the 20 second worst football history. PHOTO: Capture / YouTube

The 20 second worst football history. This is how this terrible play was baptized. In football we have seen over the decades many miscues, other plays rare and curious actions have caught the attention of the viewer and not for good. Staying with a moment like this seems an arduous and complicated task. But nevertheless, Italian magazine The Last Man has chosen the 20 second worst football history. Watching the play, the truth is that probably deserves this title more than.

The play of the 20 second worst football history

Cutting 20 seconds of nonsense corresponds to an English football game of the 90, specifically who they played Queens Park Rangers and Manchester City on 23 of January of 1993 and corresponding to the FA Cup. A match played in the Rangers field and that ended with the victory of City by 1-2. However, what remained for the story was the surreal move that stars in this article.

During these few seconds, there were a series of blunders, mistakes and shit by both teams, unworthy of two professional teams, even from amateurs with some training. It would almost be difficult to see him in a match between singles and married people., since some, I would be right even if it was a miracle. No player from both teams who participated in these 20 seconds was able to hit, seeing is believing. Nor would I bet so many players would be able to err in a row if they tried. Thus, this play earned the nickname of the worse 20 second football history. And with good reason.

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