Who is the best Asian footballer in history??

Who is the best Asian footballer in history??
Son Heung-min, he is one of the best asian players ever. PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

Who is the best Asian player in history? Football lover who has not ever done this question. Asia is, definitely, the great unknown in the world of football. Balompédica short story summarized in a great performance North Korea in England 66, or your neighbor, the South in the World 2002 reaching semifinals.

supplemented with some critical moments fleeting appearance of Japanese talents or Saudis have revealed that those dollars on the planet is possible to find high level players. Let's review some of them.

The best Asian footballers in history

Son Heung-min

South Korean footballer is one of the most talented players ever given Asia. A different footballer, with a very good career at Tottenham and in German football with Bayern Leverkusen jersey and Hamburg. I participate in Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 y Qatar 2022. with his selection and he was spared military service from two years to winning the Asian Games in 2018.

Hidetoshi Nakata

The only Asian member of the list of 100 best footballers in history according to FIFA. Globetrotter football, his boots trod the locker room of not a few Italian teams (Perugia, Parma, Roma, etc…) and Bolton English.

Endowed with a great vision, his view toward the opposing goal were sharp enough point scorers records. although perhaps, His image was what made him most famous. His constant changes in hair color and your liking for fashion made it the Asian version of the British David Beckham.

Shinji Kagawa

Europa at his feet he gave to him to collaborate in the historical doublet Borussia Dortmund to the point that the Manchester United he had to pay 17 million pounds to have it running from the side Old Trafford. Intuitive and very goal on his feet. In 2019 starred signing “random” signing for Real Zaragoza in the Second Spanish and thus joining the list Japanese players who played in Spain.

Majed Abdullah

Sobran comments to a player who is nicknamed the “Pele Desert”. 126 internacionalidades with Saudi Arabia and over 533 many stagger a long-lived and successful career as a few. It was during 17 years full international for his country, partly because he was shrewd, skilled and scorer, very scorer. And if that was not enough, was six times Golden Boot with the Al-Nasr, the club he loves and the only one was framed in his sporting life. A myth.

Cha Bum Kun

South Korea could not miss this list. Boom-Only It was his best ambassador for a long time. A myth in Germany where he played more than 300 parties divided the ranks of Concord y Bayer Leverkusen, the national team was however his showcase. Their 55 many with Korean dress coat earned him the distinction of top scorer in the history of his country. A pride for a player who he played the World 1986 and he won the UEFA 1988 also noting the equalizer in the final against Espanyol.

Ali Daei

Iran has it on the altar because their 109 goals in 149 parties are the best goalscoring record for a player with a selection of the whole story. Daei also played two world where despite not shine if recorded its class, one that made him stand out from the rest in terms of goal was close.

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