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Las mejores anécdotas del Mundial de Inglaterra 1966
England won their first World Cup with quality players.

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Football returned to its origins in 1966. At last, England hosted a World Cup and was fortunate that it was not just any, but one of the most fun and exciting in living memory. And it was before the start of the competition itself.

For months before the opening of the eighth edition of the Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen in the Bay of Westminster remaining eight days lost until a dog named Pickless found in the garden of a house and became the hero of the country and protagonist of covers major national and international newspapers.

Pickless fue el perro que encontró la copa de campeón del Mundial de 1966.
Pickless was the dog that found the cup of World Champion 1966.

It was an atypical World, with images even in black and white, with satellite TV, with England winning the first and only World Cup in their history after a host of previous events and refereeing scandals. They participated 16 teams divided into four groups that led to the best of the best. Skin, la Araña Negra, Franz Beckenbauer, Hurst, Charlton, Eusebius…there were many guest stars.

The highlight came in the run-hand North Korea and Brazil. The Asian team with fast players but very prettily went to the second round after defeating Italy 1-0. Brasil, champion of the previous two editions and Pele, Garrincha the Tostao, meanwhile, He lost to Hungary and Portugal. And it is that the Portuguese had the best team in history with a man who towered above all: the great Eusébio. A physical marvel from Mozambique who put in check with his speed and shot opposing defenses as he could well appreciate Brazil to fit his two goals.

Eusebio fue el máximo goleador del Mundial de 1966 con nueve goles.
Eusebio was the top scorer World 1966 with nine goals.

Anecdotes aside as the clash between Uruguay and France with Joan Djorkaeff (Youri father) and Pablo Forlán (by Diego), the main course came from the quarterfinals. Argentina and England dirimieron some intense quarterfinal full of controversy with Argentine scandals and expulsions never clarified. "Because it looked bad intentions ..." it was the Arbitration Act reflecting one. Inglaterra, that left the Albiceleste training a day earlier at Wembley by a dog race, ganó 1-0 But this was not, sin embargo, the most memorable game of that World Cup.

What would be the famous North Korea-Portugal. And it would be because Koreans went ahead 0-3 and they gave way to a retrospective exhibition of a man who went on to score four goals in a glorious afternoon. As intuit was Eusébio, the top scorer in that tournament, who he led the Portuguese to the semifinals.

Semifinals would face Portuguese and English on one side and the other Germans and Soviets that would give England and Germany in the final. A final that would be one of the controversies that are remembered. Because with tie to two and immersed in full extension and a pitch of Hurst would hit the crossbar and fly out the field bouncing on the goal line but without crossing. Sin embargo, The referee Ibo goal to take for causing the third and precious goal of Pross shortly after world champions would be raised in an atmosphere of tension and joy Anglo German.

They could say more of this World, as the Philippines did not agree to play the qualifiers for not paying registration, as the Congo was not involved not to send the request in writing, that Spain staged a disappointment with another incredible new batch of players or Gordon Banks was crowned as the best goalkeeper in the world. Por cierto, the data starred as Portugal. In all six games, He scored after minutes 80.

England won the World Cup with Charlton and Hurst at a high level.

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