Brazil 1950-2014, differences between the two World

Brasil 1950-2014, diferencias entre los dos Mundiales

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Brazil will be the host 64 years later. Not the first time a country repeats as organizer of the final phase of World Cup. As we already have in our article on the countries that repeated the World Cup, only five countries counting Brazilians, boast that experience. But nothing is the same. modern infrastructure, new technologies, a different competition format and of course a great media coverage will reach millions of people around the globe. Many things are different, instead the global position of its population, their economic situation and the millions of favelas seem to stay on time.

demographic differences

Gráfica que explica los cambios experimentados por Brasil en 64 años. Fuente: elpaí
Graphic explaining the changes in Brazil 64 years. Fuente: the country is

Maracana and other venues

It was the not so distant year 1946 when FIFA decided to award the organization of the World 1950 to Brazil, the first after World War 2. The South American country appeared as the only candidate because Europe was not prepared for military reasons to host an event of such nature, so the decision was clear. Brazil would host a World Cup that would end a bitter surprise for the hosts.

Thus he was born the old Maracana, but really few know his real name, el Estadio Mario Filho Journalist, designed to 200 thousand spectators, which it opened the week before the start of the championship and whose construction would be finished completely in 1965. The other five sites were Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba y Recife, however almost 70% encounters concentrated in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

En un lado el Maracaná de 1950, al otro el de 2014.
On one side the Maracana 1950, the other the 2014.

Unlike ago 64 years, 12 different cities will host games 2014, totally rebuilt stadiums or even designed exclusively for hosting matches of this World Cup. As an example we Maracana Stadium that after the last update accommodates 74.000 spectators, all they seated and with every luxury at your fingertips. The total investment in infrastructure, transport and telecommunications reached almost 21.000 millions of dollars.

Format and dissemination

Just 13 nations that disputed championship 1950, of 19 They competing in the qualifiers. However, currently, with a format much more studied and regulated, until 32 countries will fight for the title in a much more crowded tournament, where up 203 countries had their chance.

Each world championship held a new record tracking. Brazil 1950, It meant a milestone for time attendance with a whopping 60.000 media people, They are following each match from the stadium. Nevertheless, If you were not among the lucky, the only option was to hear on the radio, as those Spaniards who heard Postwar Zarra's goal thanks to the radio narration Matias Prats father.

Las cosas han cambiado mucho en 64 años. En imagen, la ceremonia de entrega de la Copa del Mundo a Uruguay.
Things have changed a lot in 64 years. in image, ceremony of the World Cup to Uruguay.

Currently everything is different, We live in the age of new technologies and there are hundreds of ways to follow the course of the parties. One example is the figure that FIFA has pocketed from the sale of television rights, la cantidad de 2.700 millions of dollars. The last World, played in South Africa was followed at some point by almost half of the world population, and 46% that will surely be overtaken by Brazil 2014.

FIFA and Regulation

A mid-twentieth century FIFA had 73 associations, instead, today has 208 members partners. Not only was changed competition format, but the sport itself and its regulations also suffered significant variations. the assignment was removed goalkeeper, substitutions and cards to warn joined and expel.

Brazil 1950 I left behind long ago, with hosts without world titles he saw as Argentina and Uruguay were far ahead of them footballing. Hoy 16 championships later, Brazil is tetracampeona the world and is the top seed for their sixth star on the chest. Will there learned the lesson canarinha six decades later or will skyrocket in the foot? To keep rolling the ball ...

En 1950 seguramente nadie se imaginaba que 64 años después los árbitros iban a usar un spray anti barrera.
In 1950 surely no one imagined that 64 years after the umpires would use a spray anti barrier.

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  1. Brazil is the most shameless and cruel country that finds existed on the planet to crucify mundial50 players who gave up their lives for their country and yet despises but unlike the world 2014 that despite being ridiculed by Germany 7 a 1 They follow admiring as gods when they win millions in foreign teams do not care about their country comparison of the 50 which gained nothing

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