The record to beat Russia in the World 2018

The record to beat Russia in the World 2018
Meet some of the records to beat Russia in the World 2018.

Russia World Cup is just around the corner. With groups, pairings, schedules and calendars already decided, It only remains to enjoy the World Cup. We suggest you know some facts, statistics and, especially, records beat Russia in the World 2018.

One that seems difficult to be overcome is the oldest player to play in a World. Record that shows the Colombian Faryd Mondragón  who played in Brazil 2014 with 43 years and 2 months. There was curiously debuted in a World Cup event 20 years earlier, in USA 1994. Another record that will remain is the oldest goalscorer, which it is maintained since, US in the World more than two decades ago, Roger Milla made a goal with 42 years and 1 my.

Another that seems impossible to overcome is the one with Miroslav Klose. German is the player with the most goals in the history of the FIFA World Cup with 16 goals spread over four World. Outliers not two as Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi seems to be able to reach them. The Portuguese has played 3 world and has just marked 3 goals, a very poor figure for data in domestic competitions. Argentina also has stood for a player of his level in a World. He has only scored 5 goals in 3 world. If nothing strange happens, both will play their fourth FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018.

Seven of the winners of the World Cup will be in Russia 2018, all champions, only Italy is out of the appointment. Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Brazil, France and England have had the honor of lifting the golden cup credited as world football champion. But nevertheless, They come in different ways Russia.

Argentina, Spain, Germany and Brazil always start as favorites in all bets. France can give a surprise and England seems to have the vote of confidence from fans who claim bet on the World Cup 2018. The World Cup will be played in Russia will be the XXI edition and promises to be the less exciting. The big stars of world football will fight a duel and "can only be one," as they said in the famous film of 80, "The immortals". In a few months we'll know.

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