What has been the best league in Europe?

What has been the best league in Europe?

The season in the big European leagues is over. The campaign in Spain, England, Germany, France and Italy has left joys and sorrows, titles, European classifications and descents. Many parties, goals, pero..¿Cuál polemics and results has been the best league in Europe talking about data?. What you have.

The Bundesliga has been the most goalscoring league in Europe. German tournament, It has registered an average of 2,77 goals followed by the Spanish tournament. La Liga has scored an average of 2,61 a game in which they have participated actively Real Madrid and Barcelona who have endorsed his rivals thrashings scoring in more than one party six, seven and even new goals to their rivals. The average in the Italian Serie A has been in 2,57 while in the Premier against all odds the scoring average has finished 2,55 goals per game. France has been the least of all with a scoring average 2,44.

The Bundesliga is also the most marked difference in points between the first and second place. In the German championship distance between champion and runner-up he has been 7 but points between the first and the last has been 48 points. In the Spanish League difference between Barcelona and Real Madrid, first and second, It has been two points but the distance between the first and the last was a whopping 74 points.

Spanish teams reign supreme in Europe in both the Europa League and the Champions League since the century began putting the League as the best teams in European competition has. From the 2000 the Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia have won several or some European title. If you want to see a more comprehensive report of the major European leagues you can see in this infographic Bwin in which we have relied for our article.

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