The battle for not being the worst team in Europe

La batalla por no ser el peor equipo de Europa
Malaga will have to fight not to be at least, the worst team in europe. Foto: 20Minutos

Last update 12 May, 2018 por Alberto Llopis

Much are the teams who already know that next year will play in the second division of his country however even in this situation there is a league of its own, which they will compete in the last days several teams for not being the worst team in Europe. A) Yes, and Benevento (Italia), Malaga and Las Palmas (España) and Cologne (Germany) This same weekend not be the worst team in the major European leagues are played.

El Benevento with 18 points is now the worst team in Europe if we take as reference the big leagues calls (España, Inglaterra, Germany, France and Italy). You have two days in which you try to score enough points to not be the worst team in Europe but not depend on it. In Spain, where they are also two days, Malaga has 2 more points (20) and Las Palmas with 22 so if you add up, Benevento will leave the last place.

In Germany the absence of a day, the last place is occupied by the sum Cologne 22 so if you win will ensure not be the worst team in one of the big leagues in Europe. Metz in France 26 points and Stoke with 30, although they are also descended like everyone else, at least spared the dubious honor of being the worst team in Europe's top leagues.

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