Milan fans bet on Messi, it was worth it?

Los fanáticos del Milán apostaron por Messi, ¿valió la pena?

Last update 6 November, 2018 by Alberto Llopis

For Barça, matches against Inter turn out to be one of the biggest challenges to face for one year. However, the possible absence of the player '10' made it even more difficult, increasing anxiety among his followers.

Since Messi played for Sevilla last 20 October, rosarino player has had to be absent from the land of football because of a broken radio, besides, He has brought headaches. Nevertheless, the obsession of Barcelona in the Champions League is so strong that not significant injury, It could be the cause of the desire to have Messi in the match being neglected, nor by the team, or the same player.

Until now, the Argentine player had been absent in matches against Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano and Inter, inclusive, Barca triumphing in all. Given this, It shows that the presence is not indispensable Messi. So, Why so much insecurity by the Barcelona?

More than just a player that makes Barca, Messi is a kind of amulet. As confirmed by avalanches betting that arise whenever there is a story like that related to Messi. As confirmed the platform specializing in sports betting reviews, with only enter any of your suggestions and do a little research, you may notice bets in favor of the Argentine emerged in the party and against.

Barcelona's match against Milan was not like any other, as it was crucial to their place in the knockout stages of the Champions. But once again it exposed how the Milan gives great importance to the presence of Messi, raising its reputation as a player in the European league star.


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