Messi, a unique and unrepeatable player

Messi, a unique and unrepeatable player
Leo Messi, a unique and unrepeatable player who will miss him when he retires. PHOTO: Brand

Generally each generation lover the world of football, You have the opportunity to enjoy some players that mark the time for quality and the conquest of numerous titles for their teams. The curious thing about today, It is the longevity of some of these players who have delighted fans, being the scapegoats for all Leo Messi.

Rosario brings over a decade being for many, The best player in the world

Only competition with another historical player like Cristiano Ronaldo, do you have opinions contrary to this postulate. The only player who has six gold balls, makes clear the level of Messi throughout his sporting career, and best for fans, It is that it has not yet finalized.

As for any athlete ringside time does not pass in vain, noting that physically do not have the same strength as a few years ago. Leo Messi seems to be fatal, as it takes his whole career by increasing your level every season that passes and displays a button. This course, after lifting its sixth gold ball and after missing the first days injury you, and is top scorer in solo League Santander and one of the best participants of the competition.

If we look back, Messi to 32 years has achieved almost everything in the world of football, both individually and collectively. It seems far that season 2004/05 where a young Argentine debut in the Camp Nou, having the blaugrana parish hopes for him. Rosario has exceeded all expectations, becoming for many, the best player in the history of football.

As highlights Graphic prepared by experts sportsbook Bwin, the record that has behind him is beyond doubt, and it will be very difficult for a player to match him in the future. 10 Suspenders, 6 Copas del Rey, 4 Champions League, 8 Supercopa of Spain, 3 European Super Cups and 3 Club World filled the windows of the FC Barcelona in recent years, thanks largely, to 'The Flea'.

But all he has achieved with his club, It is not reflected in its national team. Messi has a thorn to reap a title with his national team, thus removing any doubt about the best soccer player in history. With the current level of the rosarino, still has a bullet in the chamber to reign with the albiceleste, and next Copa America it seems like the championship key to an appointment with history.

In sports as in life everything has a beginning and an end. Sports career Messi It is in its final stretch, so all fans of the football world should enjoy the three seasons, at least, he has left to the rosarino in their boots at the highest level.

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