When Manchester City were the city's small team

When Manchester City were the city's small team
There was a time when Manchester City was the city's 'ugly duckling'. PHOTO: Sleeper

Everybody knows the Manchester City. English box, It is one of the most economically powerful groups in the world. Full of figures, He has won titles in recent years and it is unusual to see him in the transfer market by signing big stars to hit book exposing greater economic power than many greats of world football. But this was not always so, it's more, relatively recently the thing had nothing to do. And we do not talk of the past century, but in the same century XXI.

When Manchester City were Manchester's wee team

In 2007, a Thai tycoon, former Prime Minister of China, Thaksin Shinawatra, He bought the club but an investigation into his activities in his country sentenced him to prison and decided to sell shares 2008 the current owner, Mansour Bin Zayed dueño de Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development Limited. With an investment of 1000 million euros in the last 7 years, the City jumped signing important quality players that a few years ago would never have dreamed of and winning the Premier in 2012 Y 2014.

Before all this, the City, It was a modest set England, She is wandering through the ranks of England and getting promotion to the Premier in 2002. A year later they managed to qualify for the UEFA when they still gave the award for most clean equipment (Ray played in Europe under the same formula) and after several years with modest goals as salvation, change came. During this period that if, the City had players like Anelka or Seaman.

The change of Maine Road to the current stadium

They also changed from home. In the 2003/04 the old Maine Road gave way to the City of Manchester stadium later and after the arrival of Zayed, Etihad Stadium was renamed, where the City is now living his successes. A stadium which incidentally opened Barcelona in a friendly in summer 2004.

Maine Road y Etihad Stadium. Past and present of Manchester City.
Maine Road y Etihad Stadium. Past and present of Manchester City.

“Jimmy Grimble's dream” the film that best defines what the City was at the end of the 20th century

What the City was the ugly duckling can also be seen through film. The movie “Jimmy Grimble's dream” that transmits through the big screen what was the essence of that City that the youngest of the place will not know. The tape we recommend if you're a romantic of football this is a child, Jimmy wants to be a footballer and old boots make you play like skilful.

What you do the City with this? Jimmy Grimble it is a shy young man, who loves football and is a fan of City in a city where everyone is the United. This costs more than a disappointment, laughter and some bully another since at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the XXI be Manchester City was to be a weirdo. One of them soccer movies you must see.

In the film certainly leaves the old and legendary Maine Road where the City got some of its titles in the 60-70. Today has franchises in Australia (Melbourne City) and the US (New York City).

Jimmy Gimble in the old Maine Road.
Jimmy Gimble in the old Maine Road.

How things have changed on the other side of Manchester. Now the city with some 553.000 inhabitants has two of the most powerful clubs in the world.

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