The hottest stages of America

Los estadios más calientes de América
La Bombonera a temple of football.

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What are the hottest stages of America? He lives football worldwide with unbridled passion but live in Latin America even further, as a genuine way of life, as a religion. On Hanged, We've talked about the best interests of South America, of the world, from Mexico…y hoy, we tell you which are for our editorial, the hottest stages of America.

The Bombonera (Boca Juniors, Argentina)

If we asked by Alberto Jacinto Armando Stadium, many of our readers would know where serious doubts is located. Sin embargo, things change, when we say that the nickname of this stadium is none other than the Bombonera. Despite only having 49.000 Viewers capacity, This is one of the hottest fields, bouncy and noisy world. Much of the blame has his fans with their songs and the spectacular atmosphere created in the stadium, It is considered the best in the world.

University stadium (Tigers, Mexico)

His nickname, “The volcano”, says it all. A stadium that is known for being one of the most courageous of Mexico with a hobby, feline, considered by many as the best nationwide. As in the case of the Bombonera is not a huge stadium but a pressure cooker for all challengers who visit and receive the blow of the feline fans who scores the first goal for his team.

estadios más calientes de América Latina
Tiger turns your stadium “The volcano”.

Monumental de Nuñez (River Plate, Argentina)

Buenos Aires is a city where football is a religion. A place where live several teams of the most important in Argentina. A city where they have the Bombonera and the Monumental where he plays River, the eternal rival Boca, two teams playing one of the greatest classical world. Con 75.000 souls in the stands larger and imposing Argentina, Monumental becomes increasingly playing the Millionaires in a boiler for all equipment that treads its historic lawn.

Monumental Isidro Carbo (Barcelona Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Say about him that his mere presence within him, impacts, perhaps because their 59.263 seats makes it the country's largest, because its structure, safety and facilities are the safest in the New World. We're talking to who still have not guessed the Estadio Monumental Isidro Romero Carbo, also called Banco Pichincha Monumental Stadium for sponsorship reasons. One of the great jewels of South America in which every game is a spectacle of color, canticles and animation.

los estadios más calientes de América Latina
Accommodates 59.273 officially viewers, but they say they fit 90.000 personas.

Atanasio Girardot Stadium (Atlético Nacional, Colombia)

Atletico Nacional shares this stadium with Independiente Medellin but in every game of Purslane your hobby, The Sur, is pure spectacle. King of Cups as well calling himself the most successful whole country, fills your 48.500 localities to create an authentic sound and visual spectacle. When he sings the South, The stadium is a cauldron.

Centenario stadium (Peñarol and Nacional, Uruguay)

The history of the World Cup started here one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world. This is one of the 15 larger fields of South America and its official premiere was a 18 de julio de 1930 with an encounter between Uruguay and Peru, which ended with victory for charrua 1-0 thanks to a goal of Hector "Manco" Castro.

El estadio, which has a capacity of 65.000 personas, owes its name to the 100 years of the Uruguayan Constitution swears there by 1830, and it is considered by the FIFA as the only historical monument of world football. Currently, The stadium is home of the official matches of the Uruguayan national team. Además, any Uruguayan team can have him if paying a rental fee.

That is the case for Peñarol, usually play their home games at the stadium, or National also uses the premises to house mainly classical or Libertadores Cup matches. A colorful full of atmosphere and breathes football stadium on all sides.

El estadio Centenario fue el comienzo de la historia de los Mundiales.
Estadio Centenario was the beginning of the history of the World.

Morumbi stadium (São Paulo, Brasil)

Sao Paulo's house is the third largest stadium in all of Brazil and one of the hottest fields throughout Latin America. With a capacity of 60.000 spectators, every game is a hell for the team that visits. It is possibly the hottest stadium in Brazil.

National Stadium  (University of Chile, Chile)

Located in Santiago de Chile, the capital, This is one of those stadiums that have history. En 1973 after the coup perpetrated by General Pinochet, It was used as a prison for those considered against the new regime established.

Speaking of football, It is the home of the U, one of the largest in Chile has one of the best interests of South America. Fans who makes your team scores the first goal before starting the game.

Chile's National Stadium, one of the hottest stages of America.

Maracana (Flamengo, Y Botafogo Fluminense, Brasil)

Maracana Stadium is one of the most famous football stadiums. A field that was the Pharaonic work of the World 1950 and he made history as the place where there was one of the most memorable events in the history of football, the famous “Maracanazo”.

Is one of the biggest stadiums in the world although with the times reduced its capacity but in turn, It is also one of the noisiest and home to three teams it has been causing many derbies.

very hot a stadium that only three people have managed to silence: Pope of Rome, Franck Sinatra and Alcides Ghiggia with his goal 1950, in the World Cup final, which gave the Maracanazo to more than 100.000 Brazilian champions already looked.

Estadio El Campín(Millionaires, Colombia)

Millionaires became one of the best teams in the world at the end of the decade of the 40 when he joined their ranks a number of stars led by Don Alfredo Di Stéfano. that team, called the “ballet Azul”, He dominated his time. Those times were far longer but Millos, It remains one of the largest in Colombia and his hobby continues Stadium Nemesio Camacho El Campin one of the hottest stadiums in South America.



El estadio Nemesio Camacho, una olla a presión.
The Nemesio Camacho stadium, a pressure cooker.

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