The best interests of South America

The best interests of South America
What are the best interests of South America? PHOTO:

What are the best interests of South America? Within subjectivity involved making a list of this draft and the image and likeness of the article that launched some time ago about the best interests of the world, this time talking about football in Colgados of the ten best interests of South America.

We know that in this part of the world football live more passionately than anywhere else on the planet. by songs, by enthusiasm and cheer win, there goes our proposal of the ten best interests of South America (Remember you do not need to be the largest).

What are the best interests of South America?

Boca Juniors

The 12, no scores goals, does not attend, but as a player presses. Their songs, its references to River Plate and an incomparable setting such as the stands of the Bombonera, one of the hottest stages of America make it special. Such is his passion that are capable of creating an earthquake 6,4 on the Richter scale. Even if Maradona, They quizan are become several degrees more.

The Bombonera, a pressure cooker.
The Bombonera, a pressure cooker. PHOTO: Twitter


We are talking about one of the most courageous swollen around the planet and also one of the most ingenious. In fact, still fondly remembers that flag 48 meters wide and 300 which it was long considered the longest in history on a football field. Faithful like few, never tires of support the team even in bad times.

San Lorenzo de Almagro

Even Pope Francis is a fan of this club, That should be all that. Hot and cheering like few, the Gloriosa Butteler is largely to blame “San Lorenzo not be” is a disease. Their variety of songs is bestial. At least, Once in life, You should go one stage just to see such a spectacle.

The fans of San Lorenzo de Almagro makes a show of their matches.
The fans of San Lorenzo de Almagro makes a show of their matches. PHOTO: Twitter


Brazilians have always had a reputation of being a public delivered to their teams. If above, count on 106.000 partners everything is easier. It's what happens to this historic team Sao Paulo, I always have the pleasure of having an extra player every time they play at home.

National Athletic Club

This team is one of the most protected for their ultras and especially by hooligans “The South”. It is a hobby that is able to travel with your team wherever you go and make you feel home anywhere. Colorful, shouts and passion, all in one. “I am of the Green, I'm happy”.

University of Chile

The fans of the U is one of the funniest and numerous throughout Chile. He lead his team on wings remains little. From young to older, any follower wanting to have fun has nothing but go one day to National Stadium. Initially it consisted of university students who competed with each other to see which had the best song. Over time, fire extinguishers, flares and fireworks were part of the new scenario, which it forced the Chilean government to create a law that would recommend enumerating every fan with its hooligans in order to have better control.

LDU Quito

It is the only Ecuadorian assembly capable of having a Copa Libertadores. And partly, they owe a tireless fans who always leads the team to take that plus more as needed when the matches are evenly matched. large, increasingly more followers.


If Penarol is considered one of the great, the National no slouch. In addition to the legend that the first fan of a football team was National, was able to display a flag in the Copa Libertadores of this 2013 in front of Toluca 600 meters long by 50 High, totalizing 30.000 square meter, which it served to cover three of the four stands of the legendary Centenario Stadium (Tribuna Colombes, Tribuna Tribuna Olympic and Amsterdam) and of course exceed that of Peñarol. Today, It is said that the 50% Montevideo is Peñarol and the other 50% National. maybe, both clubs are right.


Just the fact of being framed in Maracana makes her special like no other. And in the world's largest stadium everything it seems to be easier. To sing, dance, shout, everything is permitted between the twisted Flamengo.

Racing de Avellaneda

The fans that define themselves as the No. 1 have the support of the always tireless Rolling Stones, the Imperial Guard or 95. It is said of them that after Boca is the most faithful of all hooligans Argentina. They stand by your imagination to create fictional characters that do not exist as hunter or Loco Chavez.

The fans of Racing gives everything for his club.
The fans of Racing gives everything for his club.

Other supporters worthy of mention for the best hobbies in South America

The fans of Barcelona SC in Ecuador. PHOTO: ImperiofutbolEC


The fans of Emelec. PHOTO:


Of Independiente de Avellaneda it is one of the best hobbies Argentina. PHOTO: Clarion


the best interests of the world
Bolivar's penchant PHOTO: Alexandra-Rocabado

And for you, what are they? the best interests of South America?

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  1. The person who wrote this article has no idea about soccer in South America, much less about Argentina.!!!
    A disaster!!!
    Leaving out the fans of ROSARIO CENTRAL, one of the most fervent and popular, not from Argentina but from the world!!! whose stadium “GIANT OF ARROYITO” he was chosen by Diego Armando Maradona himself when he was coach of the Argentina national team, to play against Brazil during the World Cup qualifiers 2010, over Boca's own field (The Bombonera), team of which he was a fan all his life, for being the one in Rosario Central the hottest and where the most pressure is felt from the fans of all of Argentina!!! And if it's for famous fans, in addition to great Argentine artists (Litto Fog, Fito Paez, Alberto Olmedo, Robert Fontanarrosa, Liberty Lamarques, among many more) the “THAT” GUEVARA WAS A FAN OF ROSARIO CENTRAL!!!!
    The Quito League owes its Libertadores Cup to a great coach like Edgardo Bauza (Rosario and champion with Rosario Central as player and coach of Argentine tournaments) and at the height of the city of Quito!!! The rival teams in the second half cannot even lift their legs! These two factors were the determining factors in winning that historic cup for Ecuador..
    Racing Club and Independent of Avellaneda??? Racing Club and Independent of Avellaneda!!!
    Racing Club and Independent of Avellaneda, Racing Club and Independent of Avellaneda!!!
    Racing Club and Independent of Avellaneda.

  2. the most loyal supporters of Argentina's San Lorenzo which did not pitch and bank decline nevertheless followed the team in good times and bad . the biggest lie is the mouth using speakers on the platform to make their songs feel stronger.

  3. I do not know other countries, but in Uruguay, Penarol may have more people, but hinxhada National is by far the most consistent. Uruguay's Penarol in is famous for leave in bad times. You should better shall inform Mr..

    1. Andás foreign pages and making things and selling smoke goose?? Do not try to distort reality and change history with lies, all Uruguay and the whole world knows that the team that has dropouts is National, you forsaken and you've absconded more times than you have years of life. In 1949 not you come out to play the 2nd half against Peñarol and from then on you will be nicknamed “HEN”.. or because you forgot already? And the dropouts 71?? And when you left your team to go to found another, back in the dawn of the 1900? Leave to enter foreign pages to lie and confuse people, It is in vain, and the whole continent knows that National is the chicken and queen of leaks and dropouts. I would recommend closing the ass and piquito, plumífero slutty! And managers of this page, They do not listen to the mentally retarded National, since its birth in the shadow of Peñarol, They based their story on envy and lies to discredit his rival traditional.. From already thank you very much!

  4. There is a lie to teams as large hierarchy who designed this page do not know football much less Best Hinchadas

  5. I think that this list is crap, can not leave out the Garra Blanca and whether to include swollen fashion sometimes leads public only when they win and when they lose their breath away.
    COLO COLO agxante is Chile and other giles pxros! !!

  6. It makes me happy that the 12 BOCA JUNIORS of the best fans of other clubs sudamerica.a that are listed, send a big greeting from my .abrazo large part

  7. jajajajjaja put the bar national Colombia and San Lorenzo on BELOW. U de chile jajajahajajaja not tell me !! Father forgive them, they know not what qe Asen

    1. That paa Ignacio…A Pena You should give u never Accompanies in different countries are losing and go …(HinchasDeresultados) And why did that Trapito then are the Faithful…Simply Compare Mk…Atle: National Everywhere Agt [[A//N]]

    2. is not Asen is made and the fans of San Lorenzo is far more important than any of chile ,they do not exist .

  8. Stamina Bar U ,qe encourage the passion at all times assures the podium certainly,, the swollen bullanguera not have comparasion
    …..just ask abjetividad

  9. A JOKE CagA List ,,,bar puedr national d Colombia not being on LDEA U ,,,nor the imperial guard rasing ,one verguensa,,

    1. Ignacio SOS certainly a rat child does not know history or swollen rod U never be able to overcome those of the south is the most popular of Colombia and the highest grossing when traveling to other countries or else look in Ecuador that were 10.000-9.000 people in Argentina Guayaquil and monopolizing all stop being such a fanboy

      1. With 9 thousand people feel orgullozo? The underdog in Mendoza 14 thousand silencing all children semifinal mendozinos puta 2012 at the Bombonera stadium silencing all 4.500 people when estubimos for 2nd record audiences across the country in comebol public record of competence AXAS not laugh those of the south came to Chile and Colombia were hidden ediondos the axuante is from below NINXUNA WITHOUT DOUBT THE FIRST MOUTH,ATLETICO NACIONAL beyond Aldosivi TO PAYROLL AXUANTE K YOU HAVE MORE Bellied Cerro Porteno THE BEST BUT FAR BELOW HAVE NO COMPARISON AND INDIANS HOOKER DR NO CHILDREN IN SANTIAXO REXISTAN NINXUN OR IN SIDE

  10. He missed included in the reputed fondness number 1 when q vanpperdiendo (this happens a lot lately) leave, ie leave when still not finished the game. This should be another INDEC statistics

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