The coming changes at the club for the season 2019-20

The coming changes at the club for the season 2019-20
Messi lamented after the defeat of Barca at Anfield. PHOTO: The reason

Anticipated many ups and downs at the club for the season 2018-19. The hecatomb of Anfield, one year after the Rome, It has done much damage at Barça. While many changes are afoot in the club FC Barcelona for next season. With a policy of lamentable signings, a 11 Very punished initial and a second unit alternates who do not measure up, FC Barcelona must rethink their situation much.

Ernesto Valverde could leave the club despite having renewed

To everyone's surprise, Ernesto Valverde was renovated a few months ago as coach of FC Barcelona. But nevertheless, after chaining his second consecutive Champions failure where they have traced twice a European tie that had virtually closed, its continuity seems in the air. It seems that this year and have won the league and win the Cup would save.

No one could think that what happened in Rome 2018 could be repeated, much less than what would happen in Liverpool would be even worse and it would hurt even more by the reiteration and spotlights, They have been put on the FC Barcelona coach. Once could happen, two did not, They seem to have thought of the noble plant Camp Nou.

The fourth goal that eliminated the Catalans is not only unworthy of a team like Barca, but directly from a professional team. Origi's goal was more like a tournament fry a team of professionals. A goal that made it clear the lack of work at the defensive a team accustomed to dominate, intensity and mainly concentration. And that not only is to blame Valverde.

high and low club
Valverde could not continue at the club despite being renovated. PHOTO: Brand

Dembelé, Malcolm y Coutinho, fiascos period

The French arrived in the summer market 2017 and except small flashes at certain times, He has signed two seasons in which he has accumulated more injuries and controversies game. Something for nothing, He has justified the 165 million that was paid for it.

With Coutinho the feeling of failure is too big. The Brazilian joined Barcelona in the winter market 2018 precisely from Liverpool by 150 million euros and its performance has gone more or less to the point of being nonexistent. Neither unbalances and brings and is a dispensable player.

countryman Malcom with which the club had a little conflict with Roma for his transfer, Nor has it shown anything and 41 more variables million that was paid for it, now appear wet paper. The three, French and two Brazilian could leave the club, but the main problem would be to find teams that wanted and could bear the cost of these players.

Winter signings, a disaster

When the club announced the signings of winter market 2019, Many threw their hands to the head. Murillo the central fifth and Valencia Kevin Prince Boateng in his best form, and it would have been debatable whether it was valid to play in a team like Barcelona, and he came to Barcelona last fully fit and back.

high and low club
Kevin Prince Boateng has been as everything indicated, a fiasco. PHOTO:

The contribution of both null and quite dispensable with residual league matches and one in Copa. Two players who cries to heaven who have come to wear the shirt of a team like FC Barcelona whose level of demand should be much higher. Both players will leave the club next 30 June logically.

A 11 Initial heavily punished matches and minutes

Although Valverde tried to rest his players at certain times of the season and gave away a game like Vigo to the chagrin of the teams involved in the descent, most of his 11 Initial has come punished for excess minutes games.

The lack of a second level unit, full of players with little quality for a club like FC Barcelona and inexperienced kids subsidiary, They have caused the club again, It has been dropped at the key moment of the season. The poor form of some players also greatly influenced rotations and performance

high season opens, low and rumors

Many names on the exit ramp and players in the disparadero as Umtiti, Rakitic, Cillesen, Coutinho there Dembelé and other low already take for granted such as Prince Boateng and Murillo for whom the purchase option is not exercised.

Also many names linked as possible signings. With De Jong on file, There are many players that sound to wear the Barca shirt next year. Rodrigo Moreno, Griezmann again, De Ligt o Lacazette, They were the last names linked to Barcelona, you will have to make a move to improve a template that should always aspire to everything.

high and low club
De Jong is the first signing Barca 2019-20. PHOTO:
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