Players and coaches with more declines, jinxes of the Spanish League

Players and coaches with more declines, jinxes of the Spanish League
Lotina has behind him the title of low equipment and is a classic memes like this. Something that tarnishes a good career Photo: Ball migrants

Go ahead a decline, it is never a matter of one person, rather it is the result of an accumulation of errors of a group of people. But nevertheless, there are some cases where bad luck or a bad choice, makes some players and coaches have lived down the fact several times, some of them followed so quickly hang them “San Benito” of gaffes. These are some of the players and coaches with more declines in Spanish League.

Fernando Vázquez

The good Fernando Vazquez has been involved in more or less up to 7 demotions. Compostela, Betis, Las Palmas, Vallecano Ray, Real Valladolid, Celta Vigo and Deportivo Coruna have fallen under his baton or having begun the season. While it is also true that it was he who led the elite Compostela and who returned to Depor to Primera one year after down.

Fernando Vázquez, a good coach who has had to live the descent often. Photo: Vavel

Miguel Angel Lotina

Possibly with coach “San Benito” the most jinxed League. Five drops behind him contemplate. It has been present in the descents of Logroñés in Second Division 1997, Celta de Vigo 2004, Real Sociedad 2007, Deportivo La Coruna 2011 and Villarreal CF 2012, which has earned him fame descends equipment. These failures have tarnished their successes and exemplary career as a coach.

Javier Clemente

The Basque coach is a guy with character, controversial and several drops behind. Nothing more and nothing less than four behind. The last so far in 2012 with Sporting Gijon but has also made Tenerife, Real Valladolid and Real Murcia. Interestingly all this century. Perhaps the Basque methods have been somewhat outdated.

Monkey Navarro Montoya

"Monkey 'Montoya as he was called, It was an Argentine goalkeeper who was playing well into the 40. As spectacular as unique, He reached the ranks of Extremadura 1997. Boca made it from as Star. The truth is that descended. After he moved to Merida and Tenerife which also fell, getting three consecutive declines in three consecutive seasons. Even so, a spectacular goalkeeper but was not the most appropriate equipment at that time.

Sergio Garcia

The excellent striker champion with Spain at Euro 2008 also he lived several times in their flesh the descent. It debuted at Levante 2004 and that season ended down. Then he did the Zaragoza which ended down after several good seasons. With a star-studded Betis consummated his last descent. A good player also had to live a demotion.

Carlos Marchena

Carlos Marchena won everything in Spain and is a myth of Valencia. It is also a player who at the end of his career was dogged by declines . He did this in Seville 1997 and two consecutive last with Villarreal(2012) and Deportivo La Coruna (2013).

Diego Mariño 

The goalkeeper Galician is a man with very little success in professional football. It's not just one player with more goals in own goal in the history of the League if so it is not that more declines. He went down with Real Valladolid 2014, with Levante 2016 and the Sporting 2017. And not that it is bad goalkeeper but is always wrong at the wrong time.


His start in the First Division could not be worse. He debuted in first as coach and dropped to second with Levante 2016. In his second coaching experience in the top flight with just one year after Sporting Gijon, also he fell accumulating two consecutive decreases.

Rubi signed two consecutive declines in their first two experiences in First. Photo:
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