Great players who never played a World Cup

Great players who never played a World Cup
Ryan Giggs is one of the great footballers who never played in a World Cup. PHOTO:

Who are the most great players who never played a World Cup? The Soccer World Cups are the peak of a soccer player. Is the most important sporting event there after a few Olympic Games and every player dreams of playing and winning. But nevertheless, there are many who throughout his career has not even been able to dispute. We look at the larger:

1- Alfredo Di Stéfano: five European Cups, twice Ballon d'Or and many goals with Real Madrid. Considered one of the top five players in history, was summoned for World Chile 62 but an injury removed him from playing. with Argentino, only played ten games, none mundialista.

2-George Best: belong to Northern Ireland is not good news when one aspires to play a World Cup. That happened to the great George Best that he was able to develop all his talent at Manchester United but not in his national team. Regrettably, when Northern Ireland qualified to play the World Spain 82, Best was no longer able.

3- George Weah: something similar to the case Best. Be the best African history, have a Golden Ball and a stride of myocardial accompanied by a tremendous class are not enough arguments when you have to defend the jersey of Liberia. His consolation is that played for AC Milan and Olympique Marseille, two transatlantic world football.

4- Ryan Giggs: speed, overflow, goal and a life in the service of the United. Most capped player in Champions, at United but with the selection of Wales was never the same thing. He did not play a World Cup and European Championship even though still active, It will be difficult to get it.

5- Ladislao Kubala: Budapest Barcelona holds the record for having played with three different teams (Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Spain). But nevertheless, always made contrapié. The first player to be specialist in free kicks came early to the great Hungary 50, and Spain had the misfortune of not squaring a star studded team.

6- Eric Cantona: Internal problems with your selection, sporting a bad time of France were arguments made Cantona never could put a national shirt in a World. France did not play in Italy 90 nor in USA 94 and in France 98 Rice had happened.

7- Bernd Schuster: a son to 23 years and give up play a friendly for this fact caused him such a conflict that never again returned to play with the selection. further, its special character you did not square with the press and German coaches.

8- Carlos Bianchi: Viceroy never played any World although it was a striker with great effectiveness. ninth highest scorer in Ligue 1 French, was five years, the top scorer of the French championship. But nevertheless, the selection could barely add eleven internationals.

9- Arsenio Erico: This Paraguayan footballer is a legend of the decades of 30 Y 40 your country and, especially, in Argentine football, where he shares the honor of being the top scorer in the history of professional league playing for Independiente. tireless scorer was unlucky that his best years coincided with World War II.

10- Ian Rush: great player with great goal to the delight of Liverpool fans in the years 80 leading to the glory of winning up to two European Cups. Top scorer in the history of Anfield, being Welsh hurt him like so many others.


Other players who did not play a World Cup ever: Pirate Source, Guti, Nolberto Solano, David Ginola, , Angloma, Litmanen, Rinaldo Martino, Vicente de la Mata, Felix Loustau, Herminio Masantonio, "Twisty" García, Sastre, Solomon, Boye, Aníbal Paz (He was in the 50 but he did not play; in 1942 O 1946 I had been titular), Aníbal Ciocca, Atilio García, Severino Varela, Roberto Porta, Bibiana Zapirain, Franz binder, Ferenc Deák, Valentino Mazzola, Ezio Loik, Gunnar Nordahl, Lolo Fernandez, Larbi Ben Barek, Stephan Dembicki “Stanis”, Ted Drake, Tommy Lawton, Cliff Bastin, Frank Swift, Angel Zubieta, Pedernera, Moreno…

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  1. Ecuadorian Alberto Spencer, the top scorer in the Copa Libertadores of America

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