Luis "Pirata" Fuente: authentic Mexican crack

Luis "Pirata" Fuente: authentic Mexican crack
Luis Pirata Fuentes. Mexican soccer legend.

Talk about Luis de la Fuente "El Pirata", is not simply talk about a representative character of the romantic era of Mexican football, his legacy is permanently marked with cold numbers that symbolize the greatness of "Pirata" peppered with endless anecdotes surrounding the legitimate Mexican crack. "The Pirate" was never reserve, He never played in the second division, never down; He played in four different countries.

It was elegant game, High great technique, he did his powerful shot with both legs (being left your favorite), had a huge spring countless times exceeded opposing goalkeepers. Your debut, at the age of 15 years with the Mexican team "Aurrera" (already gone), facing the Mars, the result 1-0 for the "Aurrera" with a goal of "Pirata", the keeper of Mars, It was also the national team goalkeeper Oscar Bonfiglio.

In the season 1932-33 he enlisted in the Royal Club Spain (Mexican club), in 1933-34 is first crown at the age of 19 years; his heroics earned him national team for the World Cup in Italy 1934. The Mexican team makes a grand tour of Europe, where they won 4 parties and only tied 1, the performance of "Pirata" caught the attention of Valencia and Racing Santander, it is the latter that manages to take the services of Luis, That took third place scoring championship super-regional Spanish. His position was the creative, "10" Current.

He only played one year in Santander, only that year was enough to be considered to date as one of the great creative whole history of Racing de Santander, anotarle succeeded the legendary goalkeeper Ricardo "Divino" Zamora. The start of the Spanish Civil War was the reason why Luis decides to return to Aztec lands.

His return to Mexico was again the whole of the Real Club Spain, with whom he had won the title before his departure, the year of his absence (1934-35) the "Spanish" set accomplished nothing, with the return of "Pirata" season 1935-36 Luis and the whole of Spain would play again the sweetness of success to get the league title again. Later he would play a year in America, obtain the title cup, only title achieved by America in the decade of the 30s. Returns again to set "Spanish" where they had a friendly match against Atletico Corrales de Paraguay.

"Pirata" Sources, marked a before and after in Mexican soccer.
“Pirate” Sources, marked a before and after in Mexican soccer.

"El Pirata" notes 4 goals in this match, the "Guarani" hired immediately set, with Paraguayan team was on a tour to Colombia where they attended several South American teams, including Velez de Argentina, It was considered by the press as the best player of the tournament, for their huge turnout was hired by the team of Velez where achieve another title, being cornerstone, in a match against Independiente de Avellaneda great that counted in its ranks with Arsenio Erico, Sastre and Vicente de la Mata would score 3 goals.

After his achievements in Argentine territory returns to Mexico again, Now the whole of Mars, arrives and gets another league title and a champion of champions, The following year the team is formed Veracruz (native country), after his departure from the team of Mars, this is in last place in the table and Veracruz with the "Pirate" in their ranks accomplish what is to date the golden age, getting 2 league titles (the only league titles set veracruzano) in that time he was sought by Barcelona of Spain, Luis was comfortable in his own country and therefore rejects the interests of "Catalan" set. He retired in Veracruz (the team they love) After his retirement, Veracruz descends and disappears. Such was the weight of Luis de la Fuente.

Luis "Pirata" Sources, It is arguably the best player in the history of Mexico.
Luis “Pirate” Sources, It is arguably the best player in the history of Mexico.

He played in four different decades debuting at 1929 and retreating to the early 50's. In 1954 already retired, He received a tribute match, which meant his retirement from tennis, ovation after the conclusion of the meeting was simply shocking, While this strong and physically imposing man could not hold back tears at the love of a hobby "jarocha".

In 1972 after a routine check of atherosclerosis was detected and he died on 28 May the same year. Such was his strength, He endured three operations four hours 2 days, the attending physician said that in his life seen such a big heart like Luis de la Fuente, the legendary "Pirata". The extraordinary composer Agustin Lara wrote the song "Veracruz" inspired by the life of "Pirata" and the current state of Veracruz is called "Stadium Pirata Fuente". As fate could never compete in a global, but at the time it came to compare with the legendary Alfredo Di Stefano and many without fear of exaggeration "El Pirata" was better.

Luis "Pirata" Sources will always be a legend among Mexican fans.
Luis “Pirate” Sources will always be a legend among Mexican fans.

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