Ten unknowns that lie 2014

Diez incógnitas que depara el 2014

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Hoy 1 of January of 2014, we "hung up" want to raise a series of doubts that invade us about this new year. We will have to wait for others 365 days to make a summary of the next course and analyze what happened. At the moment these are the unknowns that haunt our heads for the 2014.

1.- Will the “lower” teams be able to keep up with the big boys in their different countries??

Everton in the Premier, Lille in France, Roma in the Scudetto and Atlético de Madrid in the Spanish League. From Colgados we bet because at least one, will be able to lift the title in their respective championships.

2.- Will the hegemony of German football in Europe continue??

Everything seems to indicate that yes. Pep's Bayern seems equal to or better than Heynckes's and is the top favorite to retain titles. Dortmund seem to have lost a bit of steam lately and struggled more than expected to qualify., yes indeed, in the so-called group of death. We have to wait until spring to check the level that teams like Real Madrid can reach, Manchester United, Chelsea, F.C. Barcelona o P.S.G. and see if they are able to dethrone the Teutons.

¿Dominará el Bayern de Pep Guardiola durante el 2014?.
Will Pep Guardiola's Bayern dominate during the 2014?.

3.- Will a European team be able to prevail in a World Cup held on American soil??

Never has a non-South American team managed to win a World Cup on the continent discovered by Columbus. Only Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil won on American grass. Germany, Spain, Italy or France, among other, they aspire to put an end to this unwritten rule in the football regulations.

4.- Will Messi go back to being the best in 2014?

It seems to indicate that we are facing the best player in history, and in 2014 He will continue to demonstrate it to the entire planet if the injuries respect him again. However, there are not a few who think that the supremacy of the Argentine has come to an end and it is the turn of others like Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Costa, Luis Suarez, Neymar, Ibrahimovic or Ribery among others, knocking at the door of the soccer throne.

¿Volverá a ser Messi el que era?.
Will Messi go back to being the one he was??.

5.- Will the long-awaited generational change finally take place in the two greats of Spanish football??

Tanto F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid can boast of having a group of talented players who ensure their future. Morata, Jesse, Isco, Illarramendi, Tello, bartra, Montoya, Sergi Roberto, they are all tremendous players who are amply prepared for the turning point of their careers. From afar they are ready and from Colgados we would dare to say that the two great teams in Spain would do much better if there were many of these homegrown men trusted by Tata and Ancelotti when the crucial games of the year arrive.

6.- Where will the men who are destined to change clubs play next year??

It is clear that Víctor Valdés will not continue at Barcelona, You can say higher, but not clearer, and the azulgrana team has a difficult mission when it comes to replacing the goalkeeper. The list of players who will change colors is obviously very wide. Xabi Alonso, Falcao, Ander Herrera, Alves, Lewandowski, Balotelli, Aguero or Villa, it even seems like the 4 times Ballon d'Or winner, Lionel Messi, I could change the air. The brilliant appearance of Neymar in the Barça ship, the recent statements of some of the Catalan directors and their problems with the Treasury, they can take you away from the Camp Nou in 2014.

7.-Who will be the revelation team of the World Cup?

Colombia or Belgium are selections of the so-called second or third row, but this year they should play a more than remarkable role a priori. Located in affordable groups, Both must be between 16 best in the tournament and either of the two can put the clear favorites in serious trouble in single-match qualifiers. Let's not forget teams like Bosnia, Nigeria, Croatia, Ivory Coast or Ecuador, everyone with license to dream.

Colombia tiene puestas muchas esperanzas en su combinado nacional.
Colombia has high hopes for his national team.

8.- Who will be the world stars that will not be in Brazil?

Ibrahimovic, Bale or Lewandowski are three of the great footballers who will be absent from the World Cup. None have been able to classify their countries for this event., and without the intention of being jinxed, from now until June some more will fall, either by injury, due to technical decisions or rebellions. To date, the first has been Sami Khedira, that although he has clear options to be, If it does it will not be in optimal conditions.

9.- Who will be the best player in the World Cup??
Messi has revalidation this summer, If he is able to win the World Cup with the albiceleste, he will obtain one of the few titles he is missing in his career and vital to be remembered as the best in history. How far will Cristiano take Portugal??, Will Neymar be proclaimed king of world football at home??. Iniesta, Rooney, Balotelli, Ozil, Ribery, Van Persie, Benteke, Falcao, Vidal…many names and a throne.

10-Who will be Spain's goalkeeper in Brazil??

Spain can boast of having two of the best goalkeepers in the world. Valdés has been the best during the 2013, although it is true that Casillas has not even had the opportunity. The Catalan deserves to be a starter on his own merits, save Spain in the Parc des Princes in Paris and their performances are always outstanding. There is no doubt that the figure of Iker Casillas is ahead of him, great captain and savior so many times that it seems unthinkable that he is not the starting goalkeeper despite being a substitute for Real Madrid. The owner, Diego Lopez, It doesn't even count as a third goalkeeper in Spain, curious case.

Casillas parece ser que volverá a ser el portero titular de España pese a ser suplente en el Madrid.
Casillas seems to be the starting goalkeeper of Spain again despite being a substitute for Madrid.

He 2014 just getting started. Days, weeks, and months of entertainment ahead that will serve to resolve all these and other unknowns. What is clear is that from Colgados, we will not lose detail of the world of football after the excesses of this past night. ¡¡FELIZ AÑO 2014!!!

Alberto Marrodan

Other football specialist, that few people know in Colgadosporelfutbol.com. You can also follow me on @mohikanno
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