The best French players ever

Los mejores jugadores franceses de la historia
Benzema joined the club of French players with a Golden Ball already held by Platini and Zidane. PHOTO:

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Who are the best French players in history? France did not win a World Cup until 1998, year organized its second world championship. European Championship Champion 1984 y 2000 and runners-up in 2016, twenty years later, he would repeat the feat of the 98 winning the World in Russia 2018.

These are some of the best French players in history

Zinedine Zidane: the bald divine, the best French player ever without discussion. Author of two goals in the final against Brazil in the 98, and main protagonist of the world 2006 for good (goal semifinals, in the final with a panenka) and bad (Materazzi header), his football fascinated the entire planet. Elegance, Great controls, Magical Passes and golazos, as the junction to the squad that served to give a European Cup to Real Madrid. Many proclaim the fifth largest football, Everyone, They place it in the top of best French player ever.

Michael Platini: three balls of gold to a player who had the good taste to call Monsieur Ballon d'Or. A specialist in free kicks that had a fearsome arrival on second line. an innovative, a man full of personality that inspired not a few generations. One of a kind in every rule that as Zidane fascinated fans of Juventus and France, with which he won the European Championship in the 84 and she reached the semifinals of the World Championships 1982 y 1986. A myth.

Raymond Kopa: Napoleon of Football. The man who was the delight of the Stade de Reims and not at all out of tune in the Real Madrid of Puskas, Di Stefano or People. A technical wonder he did with the ball as he wanted and of course, always with maximum efficiency. A Wizard of control and hide ball. You take the ball at times it was impossible. A mixture of Xavi and Iniesta who won a Golden Ball, 3 European Cups and led the Blues to the semifinals of the World Cup in Sweden 58. It was ultimately, elegance to your feet.

Just Fontaine: 30 goals in 21 matches with the French say it all. a Killer, a goalscorer, a man who had shot between the eyes. I shoot powerful, skill and an enemy for any defender, good it was. Top scorer in World Cup history (the Swedish 58) con 13 goals, registration is such that it will always remain on the books football.

Thierry Henry: three facts justify a career. Top scorer in the history of France, of Arsenal. Yes to that, we add a World Cup and a European Championship and every title at club level with Barcelona, we see that we are talking about a higher being. As was superior in speed, ability, dribbling and reaching the goal. extreme, forward, any position was good to be the highlight, but the best.

Eric Cantona: probably will not be much agree with the inclusion of this bad boy on the list. Max when he was unlucky not to play a World Cup. Emblem of Manchester United, He had all the talent in the world, but his character made him play bad past. So that did not few confrontations with almost all coaches and teammates who were at his side. However, the magic that was able to do with the ball at his feet weighs much. And it is that football, It is also talent, and in that, just like Cantona.

Lilian Thuram: the player who more times has been international with France 142 meetings. Curiously, only scored two goals in all those games, but…What two goals! In the semi-final against Croatia in the World 98 in which he proclaimed champion. Strong above, a forceful closing was an extraordinary marker, insurance defense like few.

Didier Deschamps: the boss, the boss of the blues that won the World. Everything was under control. It was not a preciosista, but an imperative. A master of the short touch, containment and safety. The man who was operating a country. Underrated, where he succeeded without making much noise. World Champion with France as a player in France 1998 and coaching Russia 2018.

Jean Tigana: a myth of the Girondins with whom he won three league titles and two Cups. From Mali, its ability to create football and defending the same time led him to become a semifinalist in two World, that of 82 y 86, and of course, to win the Euro 84. It was part of the magic square, partly because he was also magical.

Fabian Barthez Laurent Blanc: many doubts about who locate in this tenth position. Petit, Vieira, Trezeguet, Djorkaeff, Lizarazu or even Papin could enter. The fact we place Barthez and Blanc is based on the couple that was fashionable more glorious France. The first was the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper quirky with many mistakes and given to the eccentricity but he knew to be when he played. The second was sober, safe, the author of the goal against Paraguay in the second round of the World 98, man kissing the bald Barthez. Maybe, the only common point between two such different personalities.

Oliver Giroud: discussed by many but no one can deny 2 stuff, be world champion in Russia 2018 and be also the top scorer in the history of the French team above Thierry Henry. One of the best strikers that French football has produced in its history.

Other top players in the history of France

Marcel Desailly: The rock, a real beast who led the French team of 90. A total footballer and box to box ahead of its time. High-level footballer and certainly, one of the best French players in history.

Kante: the total of the XXI century midfielder, a magnet to retrieve balls in the center of the field. World Champion with France in the World Cup in Russia 1998, it is also a different player off the field, with a amazing personal story of overcoming.

Antoine Griezmann: the star of France at the dawn of the third decade of the twenty-first century. A footballer high reference level and the French team in football 3.0.

Karim Benzema: Golden Ball 2022, french is one of los top scorers in the history of Real Madrid. Champion 5 times of the Champions among other. is one of the best French players in history.

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