Platini recognizes 'arrangements'’ at the ’98 World Cup in France

Platini recognizes 'arrangements'’ at the ’98 World Cup in France
France champion 'his' proclaimed World (Photo:

World champion France was proclaimed 1998 in the final played against Brazil for a strong 3-0. The team led by Zinedine Zidane was fair winner, sin embargo, Platinum, Former UEFA president, He acknowledged that there was little arrangements at that World Cup.

The former captain of the French team acknowledged told Radio France Bleu that: “there was a little trick. we would not disturb 6 years in organizing a World Cup to do little mischief”. To the surprise of interviewers he continued: “Do you think that this was not done in other world?”. He explained, simply they ensured that France and Brazil could not cross until the final, as it were.

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