Absences of great teams in World

Ausencias de grandes selecciones en Mundiales
Italy is undoubtedly one of the great disappointments. He was not even in Russia 2018 ni and Qatar 2022. PHOTO: Youtube Capture

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Many people wonder which team has more World Cups what big teams have not won a World Cup. However, they also tend to focus on the absences of great teams in the World Cups. Like for example Italy that was not even in Russia 2018 ni and Qatar 2022 splicing 2 World Cup appointments without being among the biggest on the planet. But it is not the only case of teams without World Cup.

Sweden, third place in Brazil 1950 y USA 1994 and second in 1958 in the tournament played precisely in his country, is another example of one of those 'great selections’ absent in World Cups. And it is that they missed the appointment of Brazil 2014, qualified for the 2018 and they stayed out Qatar 2022 in the last game when they had almost everything done after losing to Spain. The Swedes will be left out of a World Cup for the twelfth time. But the cases of Italy and Sweden are not the only ones in history, there are many other 'great’ that they have failed some world

Absences of great teams in World

So many, that throughout the history of the World Cups, Only Brazil has the honor of having played in all the World Cups in history, having started as five-time world champion. Germany, con 4 World Cups failed twice (1930 y 1950). Argentina which has 2 world andwas absent in 4 World Cups (1938, 1950, 1954 y 1970).

Italy had only failed in 2 times to a World Cup until the second part of the 21st century where, as we have said before, he failed in his qualification for two world championships in a row. Total Italy is lost 4 World Cups until now (1930, 1958, 2018 y 2022).

France, champion in 1998 y 20 years later, in 2018, missed 6 World Cups, the last in 1994 in USA. The same times England have failed, champion in 1966 and Spain, champions in 2010. Englishmen they don't miss an appointment since USA 94 and the Spanish from Germany 1974.

It is curious the case of another "big’ like Uruguay, champion 2 tournament times. And it is that the charrúas have failed to 11 World Cups. The last in 2006.

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