Top Stories Germany World Cup 1974

Top Stories Germany World Cup 1974
Cruyff and Beckenbauer, two of the best players in history in an image of the final of that World Cup. PHOTO: Eurosport

The World Cup in Germany 1974 sIt led to the consecration of the host country as a soccer power. His second world crown in a country that is slowly withdrawing from memory postwar world through sport. also was the consecration of some players time as the Torpedo Müller O Franz Beckenbauer.

World Cup 1974
Beckenbauer with his characteristic ball release. PHOTO: Capture Youtube FIFA

Clockwork Orange, one of the surprises of the World Cup in Germany 1974

But first and foremost, was the World Cup in Holland, a selection which until then had done nothing in the international arena and revolutionized the world of football through a different concept, Total Football: style game based on attacking and defending all block, to exchange positions and aggressively pursue the opposite goal.

A defense that attacks, a forward defending, a porter carrying a number 8 to the back and a 14 called Johan Cruyff It astonishes the world for its speed, definition and incredible rhythm changes. That was the essence of “Mechanical orange” of Rinus Michels who reached the final and was about to win the tournament.

The tournament that hosted the Germany vs Germany match

A tournament, on the other hand, He brought several new features. For starters there was no knockout round, quarters or semis, but a second group stage where champions accessed directly to the final. participated to start both Germanys that curiously they met in the group stage in a match that will go down in football history with that image of the captains shaking hands in the initial greeting and for that Sparwasser's goal who gave victory to RDA (German Democratic Republic) Front of RFA (German Federal Republic) with a helicopter flying over the stadium as high as security. It was Spain (who was granted the World 1982) what if, Brazil and Argentina between 16 powers classified.

Anecdotes and there were many. Zaire participated for the first and only time, the ball Telstar repeated as official leather, It was broadcast for the first time all tournament color, assured viewers (8.000 dollars were given for a possible death) and above all, the first red card in the World Cup history was taught, to Chilean Carlos Caszely who curiously played in the Levante UD.

Germany of the 74 World Cup ball 1974
Germany's 74 he was a killing machine. In the image the Telstar ball from Adidas PHOTO:

sportingly, in the first phase only they had more surprises than the eliminations of Uruguay and Italy at the first hurdle and comfortable victories over Uruguay and Bulgaria Netherlands. The highlight would come in the second round. There, tulips doblegarían Brazil and Argentina practicing one of the most colorful games that have never been seen on a field. Speed ​​of movement, Touch, combination, the “orange” they defeated 2-0 to Brazil, RDA and clear 4-0 the albiceleste, which he garnered one of its worst defeats in its history.

The final that everyone was waiting for

The final was Germany-Netherlands. German practicality was embodied in the brilliant ball output of Beckenbauer and above all, the killer instinct of Gerd Müller, a forward capable of scoring goals as rosquilletas. Dutch magic at first glance looked like it was found in the final. The first play of the game was a beautiful tulip combination 16 passes that ended in a penalty transformed by Neeskens.

Holland was a favorite as was seen in the championship and as he took the marker. But football is played 11 against 11 and the Germans who came back based on courage and seriousness always win to take the new jules rimet glass designed by italian Silvio Gazzaniga and that it weighed five kilos.

World Cup 1974
The Kaiser, Beckenbauer, raised the Champion's Cup. PHOTO: capture Youtube

If Germany won, but Holland love and that never forgets. They already know, There are a few shots to the post that are prettier than a lot of goals. ¿O no?

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