Gerard ‘Torpedo’ Müller: a goalscorer legend

Gerard ‘Torpedo’ Müller: un goleador de leyenda
Torpedo Müller, one of the best strikers in the history center. PHOTO: Tactical Soccer

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Torpedo Müller goes through be one of the best center forwards in history. He was a somewhat chubby and even short-legged guy who had a special gift for playing football: score goals away from where out.

Torpedo Müller, the nation's bomber

Born in Nörlingen at the end of the Second World War (1945), This player has been one of the emblems of the best Germany in the years 70 and the great Bayern Munich in the decade thanks to his murderer instinct in front of goal. Torpedo Müller represented opportunism personified, being in the right place at the right time.

Without a great technique on her legs, I trust everything to a powerful sprint in a few meters to stop sitting with the defenses. This combined with its excellent air and his great shot with both legs made him fearful. For those who have not come to see him play, Suffice it to say that it was a mixture of Hugo Sanchez and Miroslav Klose. But also of Julio Salinas, because if one thing had the torpedo, It was his ability to improvise impossible goals. Such it was, this was even invented a verb in German (millers) to define their bizarre plays that ended in goal.

Torpedo Muller, la leyenda
Torpedo Marcandole nothing more and nothing less than the “Black spider”. PHOTO: Brand File

The beginnings of “torpedo” They were not easy. Despite debut in his hometown team, el TSV 1861 Nörlingen, his aforementioned physical aspect of appearance “Sunday” (to its 1.76 cm had to add their 84 kilos in its infancy, then they remained in 68) he hindered its beginnings. In fact, He was the victim of much criticism among colleagues for his physical.

However, based on goals and power and strength, Müller managed to pacify the initial criticism and turn them into blandishments, until in 1964 with only 19 years was signed for Bayern Munich. In the Bavarian club, “the nation's bomber” It would become a myth over fifteen years of experience in club thanks to his many. All this even though his arrival the team coach Zlatko “Tschik” Cajkovski released him “What do I do with a weightlifter?”

A legendary scorer

In 1002 games with the Munich club would get a whopping score 1256 goals, out to an average of 1.25 many. An outrage that resulted in a number of titles which include three European Cups, four Bundesliga titles, four FA Cups, one Cup Winners Cup and one Intercontinental. All of this, yes indeed, with the help of fellow Frank Beckenbauer or Sepp Meier who made things much easier. A nivel individual, los 15 years in Munich left seven trophies Bundesliga top scorer, 4 of the European Cup, and two golden boots (1970 y 72) and a gold ball (1970).

Müller in the World Cup final 1974.

But if spectacular was his career with Bayern, Moreover it was with the German team in the early 70. In 62 appearances with Mainschaft managed to score 67 many, but most important is that those goals helped lift the European Championship 72 and the World Cup 74. Not in vain, He scored twice at the end of the Euro 70 against the USSR and the decisive goal in the final of world championship 74 against the Netherlands(in a goal very own). Besides, He finished as top scorer at the World Cup 70, where Germany finished eliminated in the semifinals by Italy but where Müller got 10 goals.

He played in the US at the end of his career

In 1979, he “Torpedo” He decided to quit football premier to go to try his luck in the US LFS where the Ford Lauderlale Strikers play three years. Over there, He left his imprint goalscorer, con 40 goals in 80 meetings. It was the end point for a player who bid farewell to the pitch in 1981.

Alcohol, depression and Alzheimer's

From there continuing problems with alcohol and depressions marked his life, until he was fished out again by the Bayern Munich. And is that as he himself said, “like being in Bayern there is nothing like”. A few years ago his name jumped to the fore again after surpassing Messi his scoring record in the calendar year, even though Torpedo Müller He took it very philosophy and posed with the shirt of Argentine star.

Torpedo Müller
Torpedo Müller posed with Messi's shirt after his record was surpassed by the Argentine. PHOTO: As

The death of Torpedo Müller

And 15 of August of 2021, Müller left us forever behind 6 years of illness since he was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's. But football lovers and historians, they will never forget the goals of Torpedo.

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