Godfrey Chitalu: The unknown scorer

Godfrey Chitalu: El goleador desconocido

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Who is Godfrey Chitalu?. This question would make all football fans after Leo Messi pulverized with 91 goal scorer record “Torpedo” Muller, quien en 1972 anotó 85 goals in a calendar year. At that time he jumped to the fore the name of Godfrey Chitalu, unknown scorer. His name already know each other but who was Godfrey Chitalu?, in this article we will try to deepen on the player who made the leap to fame more than two decades you after his death.

Godfrey Chitalu, He was born in Northern Rhodesia Zambia -current, 22 de octubre de 1947. He had an excessively glamorous and prestigious career. He spent his entire career in Zambia, in teams of very low level.

FIFA does not give validity to the 107 goles de Godfrey Chitalu

They say scored 107 goals during the year 1972 so would the record of goals scored in a calendar year. Neither FIFA nor the IFHHS admit that fact to the understanding that the level of tournaments and officialdom where goals were scored are seriously compromised.

Según FIFA 58 their goals were in friendly matches between regional teams and 49 League weaker Zambia. As if a scorer in a football league 7 Among friends claim the record. Finally, se reconoció el récord a Leo Messi quedando en segundo lugar el Torpedo Muller.

It was the star of the team of Zambia with which he came to perform at the Olympics 1980 and it is considered by the African Football Confederation as one of the 200 best African. En 1993 the plane he was traveling with the rest of the selection of Zambia at that time, He rushed over the sea while heading to Senegal. He died along with the rest of crew. Technician at that time was the selection of Gambia which brought their experience. El goleador desconocido que saltó a la fama casi veinte años después de su muerte.

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