Thomas ” the Trinche” Carlovich: “Better than Maradona”

Thomas ” the Trinche” Carlovich: “Better than Maradona”
Trinche legend is reflected on the walls of Rosario. PHOTO: Informe Robinson

You know the Trinche Carlovich?, It is a true urban legend. The legend says that before there was another great player Maradona Argentina, possibly the best he has been. When you start reading this story fans who do not know the next star, They may think we're all crazy, more so after reviewing his career.

The Trinche Carlovich, a true urban legend

The truth is, in the streets of Rosario and the whole province of Santa Fe (Argentina), still football player remembers that compared to the largest in history, even say that It was better than Diego Armando Maradona himself.

This is the story of a player who could be and was not, because for him, you play football was always a pleasure, never an obligation. Today in Hanging Up for Soccer we bring you the story of Thomas ” the Trinche” Carlovich, a phenomenon of the street, a player of the people.

The Trinche Carlovich is a legend despite having never played in a large.

Carlovich was born 20 April 1949, in Rosario. He was the son of immigrants and a rather modest career was forged. He played for Rosario Central, Central Cordoba which became a legend that still exists, Colón de Santa Fe, Independiente Rivadavia and Deportivo Maipú. It was not international. If you keep reading you will understand that.

Naked eye, one could say that with such history, as we could dare say that “the Trinche” It was better than Maradona, that if we are kidding. But Carlovich had magic. It was one of those players who forged a legend passed by word of mouth to reach myth.

They said of him that he possessed a spectacular ball control, I was able to do amazing things. He played “5” classic, driving from midfield to the team with an accuracy of absolute master. Specialist pipes, It is called a play they called the “Return pipe”.

The play consists of a pipe to opponent, turn around and give back to each other. Legend has extensive that this happened because a fan asked him from the stands and he agreed. Something had to have Carlovich when filled stadiums just to see him play. Even rivals, They asked to play in their stadiums because his presence was a guarantee of full. He was an idol of the people.

Jose Pekerman did not hesitate to choose Carlovich as: “most wonderful footballer who saw”. Menotti called him : “Carlovich was one of those kids from neighborhood, Since they are born, whose sole toy ball. It was impressive to see”But where the snag is?. Why Carlovich never anything?, The answer is simple. Carlovich was a peculiar kind, He loved to play football but little sacrifice. It was such a great player as a bohemian and pasota, as the great geniuses.

They say that Menotti was an ardent follower and summoned him for a pre-selection for the World Cup 1978. Refer also to the legend that Carlovich not put or colorao and decided it was better to go fishing. Menotti dismissed him for his no commitment.

Carlos Griguol said it : “It is a phenomenon Player, but do not like the sacrifice, why did not succeed. He played with me in Central and preferred to go hunting or fishing. What a pity!”. He had unique technical conditions. the mark, the guy disappeared anywhere and with him the ball disappeared ”. He was able to go to France and New York Cosmos, but the legend of this street gigantic myth that Skin, I did not want another field chafara him. The “trinche” Carlovich, Street legend, an urban myth, a phenomenon without hesitation.

He died in May 2020 after an assault

The 8 May 2020, in the middle of the world pandemic of Covid-19, the Trinche Carlovich passed away after being assaulted by some heartless criminals (for not saying something worse) to steal a modest bicycle with which he traveled. A few days before, sadly Michael Robinson had passed away who gave name to the program that a few years before had revealed to us this authentic urban legend that aroused many passions in his hometown. After Carlovich's death, Some videos of him on a pitch like this came to light when he had been retired for several years.


Pd: interesting story that made about him in Canal do not miss + in the program “Informe Robinson”.

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