Michael Robinson, one of the greats of Spanish football

Michael Robinson, one of the greats of Spanish football
Michael Robinson (1961-2020). PHOTO: Movistar

Michael Robinson has died after fighting a cancer in an advanced stage of metastasis who was diagnosed in December 2018. English, arrived in 80 to play in Osasuna de Pamplona but his footprint in Spanish football was a lot, far beyond what he left on the green. And is that without being a journalist, Michael Robinson became one of the benchmarks for sports journalism in Spain.

Michael Robinson, goals from England

The English but international striker with the Irish team, came to Spain to play on CD Osasuna in the year 1986. Before, in 1984, he had been champion of Europe with his Liverpool in Rome. He was in Pamplona until 1989 when he retired shortly before 31 years due to injury. It was going to be the moment when Michael Robinson I was going to change the boots for the microphones.

Michael Robinson and Enrique Martin at Osasuna
Michael Robinson celebrates a goal at Osasuna with Enrique Martín. PHOTO: Diariodenavarra

One of the greats in his role as a commentator and within sports journalism

With a natural sympathy and a most peculiar accent, Michael Robinson he soon made a dent as a game commentator. First on TVE and then on Canal plus, along with his inseparable Carlos Martínez with whom he narrated games for more than 30 years until the past 11 March when he commented on his Anfield the last game of the Champions League before the damn coronavirus pandemic stopped the world. It was until the last day at the foot of the canyon and as if it was a foretaste of what was going to happen, it had to be Anfield where would you say goodbye.

Not only as a commentator did he make a hole in the hearts of fans. He was for many years one of the presenters of ‘The day after‘ referral program during all 90 and early 2000. In the shared space with people like Ignacio Lewin, Joaquín Ramos Marcos or the Lobo Carrasco among others. Already in the 21st century it created one of the best and highest quality sports programs that can be found, the known ‘Informe Robinson‘.

further, those who at that time were teenagers or a little older, they will remember him for being the image and the maximum referent of the famous saga of PC Fútbol, one of the best video game sagas in history and to which so many hours and so many hours we play many in its different versions. These were some of the projects of one of the greats of Spanish football for his more than 30 years of career in the field of communication in which he was one of the best and to which a damn disease, it has been taken before time. DEP Michael Robinson.

Michael Robinson PC Soccer
Michael Robinson was the image of PC Soccer in the splendor of the game. PHOTOMONTAGE: As
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