justin Fashanu, the first player who confessed to being homosexual

justin Fashanu, the first player who confessed to being homosexual
Justin Fashanu dared to come out in 80. PHOTO: Sky Sports

Justin Fashanu was the first player who openly acknowledged his homosexuality and also one of those athletes whose life ends in tragedy, whose story has a terrible end. A history of a sport that perhaps has not evolved in some respects everything that should.

that fact, it is shocking. In any other profession, no one asks anyone for their sexual orientation, it is something that does not matter for the development of the same. We are therefore in the XXI century, before a taboo subject, which surprisingly still. justin Fashanu It was the first to recognize but confirmed cases yet still can be counted with fingers.

¿Who was Justin Fashanu?

For those who did not had some knowledge, It was a British player of the decade 80-90. He born on 19 February 1961, He played in several English teams, American, Canadian, Kiwis and even Swedish, but despite being a good footballer, He rose to fame not so.

justin Fashanu, the first gay player in history
A young Fashanu in its infancy in Norwich. PHOTO: The Sun

It was signed in 1981 by the European champions Nottingham Forest, by the figure of one million pounds of the time. further, It was the first player of color that that figure was paid. During that time, rumors about your visits to gay club and its relations with those environments already beginning to reveal what was later confirmed.

In 1990 He declared publicly as gay in an exclusive interview with The Sun, becoming the only player of some importance in doing so far. The holder 22 October 1990: «£1m Football Star: I AM GAY» ("Football Star 1 million pounds: I'M GAY").

This revelation put his career on a downhill without brakes

Since then, his career went downhill. The crowd taunted their sexual orientation becoming the player the target of all eyes. Many of his colleagues, They cracked it, They are claiming that gays had no place in the world of football. Even his own brother, John Fashanu, football player also, He slits him angrily in an interview to the newspaper The Voice entitled "John Fashanu: My Gay Brother is an outcast» («John Fashanu: my gay brother is an outcast ').

His public life became untenable. They went lists and rumors about alleged sex with gay members of parliament, scandals and other. Meanwhile, his career as a player was crumbling to the point that many teams or coaches refused to give him a chance. Suddenly he had entered the eye of the storm.

His life ended tragically in the late 90

In the end, He finished his career floating around the world almost simultaneously with his life. He retired in 1997 by US. The 25 March 1998, a young man 17 told police years US, which she had been sexually assaulted by justin Fashanu after a night of drinking. The British, He was questioned by police 3 of April, but he was not arrested.

Then he returned to England, but 3 May 1998, He was found hanging in an abandoned garage en Shoreditch, London, beside a suicide note stating: “I realized that I have already been condemned as guilty. I do not wanna be an embarrassment to my friends and family I hope the Jesus I love to welcome me and finally finds peace”.

In a very murky case and something strange, police shelved the case as suicide, thus ending the history of justin Fashanu, the first player who confessed to being homosexual, the only one who had done until later, in 2013, Robbie Rogers American player at that time Leeds, he decided to follow his path and out of the closet.

It was not the last as they early 2014, German Thomas Hitzlsperger would confess his tendency. Irrelevant in another sphere of life but almost a mortal sin in a world like football but as real as life itself.

justin Fashanu, the first player to admit he was gay
Robbie Rogers confirmed that he was gay. PHOTO:Sport


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