The list of players who died in a tragic way

The list of players who died in a tragic way
Luciano Re Ceconni today is still remembered by the fans of Lazio. PHOTO: Lazio Fans

All these players died very tragically, some of it almost surreal. Football is certainly a source of sensations, both of joys and sorrows. But sometimes, the history of many of the protagonists end up in drama. In Colgados for football, I have some cases of football players whose history ended for one reason or another in a tragic way.

Jose Antonio Reyes

The talented left-handed player triumphed in the quarry of Seville, he joined Arsenal, Benfica went through, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla for his again and played for Espanyol, Cordoba and Extremadura, his last team. And it was precisely being Almendralejo team player when he lost his life returning to Utrera after having trained with the club extremeño.

Saturday 1 June 2019, with 35 years, he was supposedly driving his Mercedes at high speed when a tire punctured causing the vehicle to come off and after several collisions, burst into flames. The footballer and one of his cousins ​​were killed in the act. The other, He got out alive with much of his body suffering severe burns. Putting your name on this list of players who died in a tragic way.

Emily Hall

Argentine living the best time of his life when the fatal outcome that ended his existence came. The front, goleaba Nantes in the French season 2018-19, something that made the Cardiff, Welsh Premier team will notice it and pay his transfer.

Football player, He went to say goodbye to those who had been his companions in Nantes, and took a private flight to return to Cardiff on a plane with which he had to cross the English Channel in the January night. The traveling apparatus in which the pilot and Emiliano Sala, He crashed in the early hours of 21 al 22 of January of 2019. Weeks after the body of the player would be found on the seabed within the apparatus. Definitely, a tragic ending.

Footballers who died in a tragic way
Emiliano Sala was finally found in the seabed within the apparatus in which traveling. PHOTO: News Cali, Valle and Colombia

Luciano Re Ceconni

We told you his story in Colgados. That legendary player Lazio pistols, He was a fighter and sacrificed midfielder running through fields calcium 70 until one fateful afternoon in Rome changed his life, rather it ended the same. He entered a jewelery shop and jokingly faked a robbery. The jeweler hit a batch of shots and died. Undoubtedly one of the players who died in such a tragic active way comic.

Gigi Meroni

Another Italian was also the protagonist of a tragic history as perhaps absurd. Gigi Meroni was a fast and skillful player known as the “Best Italiano” not only for his play but for his wayward character, joyful, Rebel for the time. Contemporary British, the player Torino, Lucia manes, beards, painted pictures and even dared to poetry.

As if it was little, He is walking in Turin with a hen. One day, concentration left the Italian team to eat an ice cream across the street and was hit by its biggest fan who decades later would be president of Torino, seeing is believing. The player died.

Gigi Meroni and his hen.
Gigi Meroni and his hen. Another of those players who died tragically too. PHOTO: Google

Peter Dubovsky

In 1993 Real Madrid signed a promising Slovakian player named Peter Dubovsky. It was during two seasons in the white club that was the last foreign (we talk about the time before the Ley Bosman) and he never came to fruition. He scored just one goal as white player. He left for Oviedo where he became one of the flagship club players carbayón. Right at the best moment of his career, in summer 2000, He traveled to Thailand on holiday with your partner. On a visit to a waterfall, He plunged dying in a Thai hospital.

Robert Enke

The German goalkeeper was one of the best of his generation. This fact, He caused that come to sign for the club where he did not materialize. But nevertheless, his career in the Bundesliga was much better than their problems outside football grounds. Prone to depression, the terrible blow of the death of his daughter only 2 years was mortal. In 2009, as a player Borussia Mönchengladbach, Robert Enke threw himself against a train tracks just as the vehicle was passing. Suicide and a horrible death as sad.

players who died tragically
Colleagues and former colleagues attended his funeral Enke completely desolated. PHOTO: Brand


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