Parma, Italian emperor of the 90

Parma, Italian emperor of the 90
Buffon and Cannavaro at the legendary Parma of 90. PHOTO: Brand

Parma is a small town in northern Italy which just over 180.000 inhabitants but is known for being the headquarters of Parmalat (one of the most important companies in the food sector transalpine country). But nevertheless, There was a time where people boasted one of the best ambassadors of the world: his football team, the Parma FC.

Mythical of Parma 90

And is that in the early 90, this set developed a 27 July 1913 He paced around Europe showing immense potential and being one of the most feared teams in the world. Uniformed sometimes yellow and blue, other black and white, The truth is that the hand of Nevio Scala, Table Parmesan landed in Serie A in the summer of 1990 initiating a glorious period and converting the manor, and Ennio Tardini, into an impregnable fortress.

Led by entrepreneur Calisto Tanzi (Parmalat owner) the truth is that the club's success was linked to the food business to the point that when the company went bankrupt (It is the largest bankruptcy of Europe), the team crumbled. But nevertheless, at its peak it had accumulated eight enormous prestige title in just 10 years, shaking strange coincidence, that next to AC Milan is the only Italian team with more trophies foreign national.

Arrival of titles and international impact

The beginning of success would come up nothing. In the season 91-92 the team was done with the Italian Cup. A good omen that allowed him to qualify for the European Cup Winners extinct, that would raise one season after winning in the final against Royal Antwerp. Marco Ballota, Antonio Benarrivo, Faustino Asprilla and Tomas Brolin were the basis of a set that was beginning to show some of his great power, something that would confirm to the UEFA Cup won in 1995 against Juventus, and the incorporation of names like Dino Baggio, Gianfranco Zola Fernando Couto.

Carlo Ancelotti input Alberto Malesani first and then, He produced a great transformation team, partly because of the strong economic investment received, which he led to the Parma to live a second half of the decade 90 unforgettable. Serie A runners-up (his best position) in the campaign 96-97 He came to participate in the Champions League, where, however it did not work a good performance.

Cannavaro, Veron, Buffon, Hernán Crespo. Parma put together a team of young stars.
Cannavaro, Veron, Buffon, Hernán Crespo. Parma put together a team of young stars. PHOTO: Brand

However, the arrival of new stars like Lilian Thuram renowned, Gianluigi Buffon, Juan Sebastian Veron, Hernán Crespo, Enrico Chiesa, Fabio Cannavaro and Roberto Sensini gave a new push to the team leading him to win his second UEFA Cup by thrashing in 1999 Olympique Marseille in Moscow.

Fall into hell, disappearance and refundanción of Parma

The great height of a team that however bad economic situation of Parmalat in 2002 lead to detach him from their best players and lose a lot of prominence acquired in that glorious era to the point of ending up in 2002 outside the Top 6 for the first time since his promotion to Serie A 1990. But this would only be the beginning of dark times for the Italian entity.

Between 2004 Y 2010 the club lived all: European competitions, descent and ascent. But the really hard I come in 2015 when the club, due to a serious economic situation, He would end up disappearing as Parma FC and giving way to the Parma Football 1913 and initiating a long way 4 years that took them from Serie D to Serie A again, ascending one category per year to return to compete among the best in Italian football which Ave Fenix.

Parma Football 1913 2019-20
An image of Parma Calcio in 19-20. PHOTO: TWITTER OFICIAL/ @1913parmacalcio
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