The most absurd celebration of recent years

The most absurd celebration of recent years
If you know an absurd way to celebrate a goal, sure that this man surpasses. Photo: Youtube

As we told you a while ago in our article in our article of the most controversial world of football celebrations, but there are cases where the thing gets out of hand the player to almost the point of completely losing the north. If not, tell that to the protagonist of this article who made merits to enter the ranking of the most absurd and stupid in recent years celebrations and also, as number 1.

This phenomenon, after scoring a great goal, swift and fast embarked on a race to the stands. When the area was separated by a protective fence he approached, He decided to run against her to be a monumental blow to rebound toward the ground included. One way to try to open the head in a completely incomprehensible gesture. That's because the field had hurdles, one without them, He had finished recessed between the public.

Both the linesman and the public as his peers, dumbfounded could not believe what they were seeing after the player voluntarily affix protection against doing even stagger structure. An act that ended with fatal consequences luckily for the player excited. The player who broke his neck in India for a couple of seasons as he somersaulted and died, He was not so lucky. And you have to use your head for something more than wear her hair.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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