Players who have a Champions League and you don't remember

Players who have a Champions League and you don't remember
Ivan Campo Aranda with one of the two games he played in the Champions League with Real Madrid first team that won the Champions League in seasons 1999-00 Y 2001-02 Photo: Brand

Football is so rare and yet so big, what there are many players who have a Champions and practically nobody remembers while on the other side, we have legends and great soccer players lacking in his cabinet as important titles like the Champions League, considered the best club tournament in the world.

For example, players like Totti, Roberto Baggio and Ibrahimovic among others, They have never won a Champions. On the other hand, other players whose career has been much less relevant can boast of having played “the Orejona” With his hands, in fact there is a legion of them. I remember five, you'll stay dumbfounded.

Antonio Nuñez

The squad of Real Madrid debut with the white box at the beginning of the XXI century. His career includes teams like Mallorca, Celtic, depose, Huesca, Apollon, Murcia and Recreativo de Huelva. But nevertheless, You can boast one Champions and Liverpool signed him from Real Madrid in 2004 and hand Rafa Benitez, was present at that end Liverpool came from behind him epic way to Milan 2005 where he trailed 3-0 on the break. His later career was not epic but from an early age could already boast one Champions.

Players who have a Champions
Antonio Nuñez won the Champions 2005 with Liverpool. Photo: Forocoches


Malagan played in Malaga, Villarreal, Mallorca, Cartagena, on multiple computers in the Greek league and Atletico Indian Kolkata. However he also won the Champions League in the same case Antonio Nuñez, at the Liverpool 2005. Nuñez, his career was rather average, shooting average but you can always presumed to be a champion of Europe, Besides played at Anfield.

Santi Ezquerro

You are right, Ezquerro can also claim to be champions of Europe. It was in 2006 with the club in that final in Paris against Arsenal. It was not a bad footballer, in fact he played in teams such as Atletico Madrid and Athletic apart from Osasuna but Barcelona had a secondary role behind Eto'o, Ronaldinho and Leo Messi emerging world already pointed crack. Anyway, You can boast of Champions.

Players who have a Champions
Santi Ezquerro can boast of having won the Champions League with Barca. Photo: Forocoches

Carlos Secretary

Many remember the Portuguese as one of the worst signings in history Real Madrid, as one of the great pufos arriving in 90 Spanish football. However the good Secretary after his failed step by Real Madrid in 1996/97, He was champion of the Champions League with Porto Mourinho's hand in 2004. Who was going to tell nearly a decade before.

Douglas Pereira

You are right, although the UEFA says it did not win because not play a minute in the whole competition, Zubizarreta strange signing for Barcelona 2014 He was present at the Barca team that won the Champions 2015 Juventus. In fact, He even photographed with her. With 8 Barca games in two years, you can brag about it. Then they gave Sporting Gijon and was injured in the ass asleep on the bus, and not, it is not a joke. This kid can boast of having won a Champions.

Players who have a Champions and nobody remembers, as Douglas
UEFA says that Douglas did not win the Champions to not play a minute. The player if he was on the staff that won and even posed with the Cup. Photo: trivela

Jaime Sánchez

This red-haired midfielder went through the youth ranks at Real Madrid and became the first team where he attended and played at the end of the seventh historic European Cup goal Mijatovic against Juventus in Amsterdam. His subsequent career was at Racing Santander, Tenerife, Hannover and Depor was also the league champions in the year 2000. Certainly one of those players who have a Champions and can not remember.

Players who have a Champions and can not remember.
Jaime Sanchez with European Cup 1998 and Amsterdam. PHOTO: Brand

Jonathan Dos Santos

In the 2010-11, Gio's brother, He played with Barca 62 minutes before the Rubin Kazan in the group stage of the Champions League. It was his only appearance for the tournament that year but it was enough to add the 'Orejona’ to his resume. Barcelona won that year's Champions at Wembley and Jonathan Dos Santos He went down in history as one of the few players who have won the most prestigious tournament in world football at club level. Well looked, He made more merit than Douglas in the 14-15 who did not play a minute.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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