great teams that descended

great teams that descended
Atlético de Madrid was relegated in the 2000. PHOTO: capture Youtube

What big teams ended up relegated? Hoy, we bring you a compilation of great teams that descended on their countries, either sports or administratively.

great teams that descended

Atlético de Madrid (Spain): the colchoneros, They went to second the 7 of May of the 2000, after drawing with Oviedo, preceded by a series of bad signings and bad leadership. He returned the 28 April 2002 to reorganize economic and win promotion from the hand of Luis Aragones.

Juventus (Italia): the current three-time champion Italy, He descended on 2006 after arranging parties were found to, in a championship in which he was champion. He lost several of his figures, Cannavaro, Thuram, Ibrahimovic, Zambrotta, and others. He ascended the following year, rolling their rivals in Serie B with 85 points, Didier Deschamps led by. Something similar could happen to you 2023 for the sanction of 15 points received.

Milan (Italia): He rossonero down twice. The first after the season 79/80, administratively, because it was found that he had participated in the famous "Totonero". He rose through the 80/81 first in their league. He returned to descend again, because after an unfortunate campaign, the club was promoted to Serie B. He ascended the following year, thanks to the performances of Mauro Tassotti and Alberigo Evani.

Liverpool (England): He had managed to win 5 English leagues, before descending into the season 53/54. He spent several seasons in the English second step, to climb the 61/62, being champion. He never again bottoming, and his record grew enough.

Manchester United (England): los Red Devils, They had been raised with 7 English trophies, He had even gotten Champions Cup 1968. But the campaign 73/74 It was disastrous. Finished 21 ° between 22 clubs and down. He was champion and returned to the top flight, and like its rival, El Liverpool, their number of titles thickened, especially after the arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson.

River Plate (Argentina): probably the most experienced of all. The historic millionaire set, top winner of Argentine league, He descended on 2011, after losing the promotion (a sort of tie between a club and a First Second) with Belgrano de Córdoba. He spent a year in the Second, counting on experienced players like Cavenaghi, Alejandro Dominguez or Trezeguet. He ascended champion, leaving behind a bitter pill for the club's history.

Independent (Argentina): another great Argentine club. Top winner of the Copa Libertadores of America, He descended on 2013 after bad campaigns. He debuted with defeat in the National B, coming to be in relegation to Third for 5 dates. Then, He could adjust the course and ascended, finishing third.

Valencia (Spain): Valencia fell in 1986 the second after 54 years in the highest category. A situation that could be repeated in 2023.

Sevilla (Spain): Sevilla found their hosts in the Second Division in 1997 and repeated in the 2000. Then he came back stronger to win 5 times the Europa League and be one of the Spanish teams with the most European titles.

There are other teams that played in Second Division, but they were not "big" before doing so, as Marseille and Lyon, Arsenal, Chelsea, Rome, and many more.

Gaston Humedes

Gaston Humedes


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