Roy Keane on purpose injured father disclosure of European football

Roy Keane on purpose injured father disclosure of European football
Roy Keane injured purpose and revenge to another player like himself acknowledged Irish. PHOTO: As

The day that Roy Keane deliberately injured a fellow teacher for a Manchester derby, It is certainly a tale of revenge that becomes relevant now, almost 19 years after the success in the Bundesliga for the son of the player who received the kick brutal. And the footballer Roy Keane who retired from football was none other than Alf-Inge Haaland padre de Erling Haaland Braut, the new star of Borussia Dortmund and disclosure player European football.

Roy Keane on purpose injured Haaland

Roy Keane is certainly one of the hardest, dirtiest players in the history of football. However in this case it went from brown to dark and spiteful. And the Irish had 4 Haaland years keeping him to a revenge that would end with the Norwegian taking to retire from active football after one of the most criminal living memory kicks in a soccer field.

A tale of revenge that began in 1997 and so surprising was forged in 2001. Keane y Haaland they crossed a Leeds-Manchester United September the 97. Both players struggled for a ball when the Norwegian lead Irish. Keane true to, He tried to make Haaland trip up with the bad luck that stayed stuck and ended up breaking the ligaments. The story did not end there for the Norwegian footballer, then at Leeds, He went to remonstrate to Keane who agonized on the floor. So far it seemed that everything was going to stay there.

Roy Keane purposely injured father Haaland
This entry Roy Keane's father Haaland, it cost the Irish a serious injury. PHOTO:

21 April 2001, Roy Keane the day consummated his savage revenge

Almost 4 years later, They faced in the Manchester derby, A city that was much more modest than today and the United. And they turned to face Haaland playing the 'Sky Blue’ Keane and it remained one of the leaders of the United. And the tragedy was consummated as one of the worst entries that are remembered in the history of football. Irish tacos hit with the knee ahead of the Norwegian, a kick in which he not left knee miracle but it cost Haaland such a serious injury that ultimately cost the withdrawal of professional football with only 30 years.

Roy Keane purposely injured father Haaland
The frame of the kick Keane's revenge is terrible Haaland. PHOTO: capture Youtube

Keane himself admitted that it was a revenge

In his autobiography he told Irish: “He had waited a long time. I hit him hard fucking. The ball was there, I think: 'Take this, bastardo. And do not come back at me mocking fake injuries. And you never stop more about me contemptuously talking about fake injuries. Even in the locker room after, I had no regrets. My attitude was, 'Fuck it'. So far, returns. He got his just rewards. He hit me over and my attitude is eye for an eye”. One of the barbarities more than one of the dirtiest players who has known football.

The story becomes important for the success of Erling Braut, the son of Haaland

Erling Haaland Braut It has become the European football revolution. Norwegian footballer though born in the year 2000 and Leeds, England, where his father played at that time, It has become one of the scorers in European football prompting his move to Borussia Dortmund from the RB Salzburg. The young man is swelling to score goals also in the shirt of the German box which has caused again brought to light the story between Keane and his father many years later. That of Haaland indeed, It is another story parents and children soccer players.


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