The toughest players in football history

The toughest players in football history
Sergio Ramos is on his own merits, one of the toughest players in history. PHOTO:

Who are they the toughest players in football history? We bring you the toughest guys in football history. Players who collect actions that would excite fans of the movies of Chuck Norris and what makes the phrase of: "" Football is a sport of gentlemen played by hooligans

The toughest players in football history

Pasquale Bruno

This Italian player from the 90's played among others in the two Turin teams and distributed wax, much wax. In 16 year career he accumulated 50 match ban. He became famous for distributing but above all for his art to elbow and split faces. The reason was always the same, as this phenomenon had caused him. A really tough guy and one of the most cunning players who have been on the lawn of Italian stadiums

Marco Materazzi

Another Italian is part of this list of artists to distribute anything but candy, although this if they know all the public, especially for its grisly tickets. We speak as Materazzi, a real leg part. Known for their aggression, black arts, his painting of a member of a street gang and its brutal entries, Marco Materazzi, more is known worldwide for its ability to deliver that for his skill with the ball.

Vinnie Jones

Our protagonist in the cover photo for this article, the British Vinnie Jones, It was a really tough guy on the lawn. He played defensive midfielder where he patented a very peculiar style of play, where his maxim was that if passed the ball, no man passed.

Surpassing the line many times throughout his career, Vinnie exhibited a recital of intimidation, black arts, violent inputs or various provocations. Aided by his bouncer plant, tricks had to write a manual on underground game.

Vinnie Jones handing out candy
Vinnie Jones handing out candy. PHOTO: Twitter

After football he got an actor playing thug and tough guy roles, something similar to what I did when I was a soccer player and sharing the screen with some illustrious people like Stallone, Jason Statham, Brad Pitt and Arnold himself. A full-fledged character.

Pablo Alfaro

Dr. as they called it was a classic game Subway. The Spanish, It was a calm guy off the field but dangerous on grass. It has distributed more fuel during his career a timber factory. Surprising that often come out with virtual impunity. Wild tickets of all types and colors, It was the typical player that every fan on your computer rather than against.

Javi Navarro

Companion and apprentice behind Sevilla Pablo Alfaro. Valencia went fogueando with his partner from whom he learned some of his worst arts but even potentiated.

Not only he gave right and left for a long time but was about to kill a rival on the field. In 2005, hit the Venezuelan's neck with his elbow Juan Arango, life being about to cost the good player, at that time in Mallorca. It was the only unsportsmanlike action of this defense, but if the wilder. The images went around the world.

sluttiest players in history
This action by David Navarro on Arango could end in tragedy. PHOTO: Brand


The Brazilian-Portuguese defender has lost his mind many times throughout his career. That is something that the general public knows. The kick to Casquero on the ground it was just the tip of the iceberg. kicks, abuse, slapping, the defender's head goes off very easily, which has caused him excessive controversy. can not even name the list of barbarities he has done and continues to do on the field. Intolerable attitude.

dirtiest players in football history
maybe this day, Pepe should have stopped being a professional footballer. PHOTO: Capture

Roy Keane

The legendary former Irish player Manchester United could not bear to miss bocce, but his winning character became violent. More distributed and polishing wax Karate Kid.

He got to injure Ervin Haaland's father bet in a wild entrance and above recognize it. The injured player had to leave football practice. Great player who lost a lot when he went head, which it was often.

Andoni Goikoetxea

Basque Clemente was assistant in the Spanish national team and coach Sub 21. Before the extension was Barakaldo on the field. dubbed “Butcher of Bilbao” for ease sectioning ankles, Maradona was injured in such criminal entry that even three decades later is remembered.

Before he had done with Bernd Schuster also seriously injured. A careful logs of who played in the Spanish national team several world. It was another time and another football clearly.

David Navarro

Valencian, during his time at Valencia he hit Burdisso with a punch after a Champions League match. Then I had to run to avoid being hunted the Nerazzurri players.

With Levante again fall prey to the tabloids after opening the eyebrow Cristiano Ronaldo in a play which seems unintentional but it is difficult to assess. Shortly after he poked another nudge Sapunaru, Zaragoza player at that time, who was also no saint since he is a player who broke the record for cautions in one season. In any case, the Valencian was a temperamental player

Gerardo Bedoya

This Colombian has nothing more and nothing less than the dubious record of having surpassed the 40 red cards. It is one of the most aggressive players who have been in the history of international football and the most cunning of Colombian soccer. His last red was a gem. He stepped on the head of an opponent on the floor. A guy whose attitude on the pitch is intolerable.

Eric Cantona

L'Enfant Terrible was such a great guy as irascible and bad milk on grass. spittle, abuse, manga cuts and completion. He gave a flying kick at a fan who berated him 1995 after being expelled. Now he is an actor like vinnie jones.

Juanma López

Known as superlópez, was one of the best known ankles bites 90s. A player guy who liked the then coach of Spain, Javier Clemente who made her international.

Mauro Tassotti

Remembered that action in which broke Luis Enrique's nose at the World Cup 1994, the truth is that the black arts were common in the Italian game over his career.

Nigel De Jong

The kick to the chest Jean Claude Van Damme that he gave to Spaniard Xavi Alonso during the World Cup final 2010 and merit serious enough to enter this list, but that sadly is not the only. habitual dishing, his own coach had to give rest to be focused. A really tough player.

toughest players in history
Despite this terrible kick, Of Jong did not see the red. PHOTO:

Hristo Stoichkov

We could not allow ourselves to this irascible and controversial Bulgarian. Hristo Stoichkov stepped on a referee early 90′s, which it costs him a major penalty. It was discutidor, provocative, marrullero and fractious, almost on par with the great technical quality treasured. With a face walking in a bad mood all day, the great Hristo, he delighted fans with the ball and was the bane of the referees of the time.

Sergio Ramos

The central defender from Camas is one of the toughest and most admonished guys in football history. In fact he has the dubious record of being the Most sent off player in the history of the League. Undoubtedly one of the toughest players ever.

dirtiest players ever
Sergio Ramos is one of the dirtiest footballers in history. PHOTO: The mail

Paolo Montero

The Uruguayan center-back was one of the mythical Juventus of the years 90 and also one of the most expelled players in history. And it is that even 21 times the charrúa who had a scythe in his boots was kicked out of the field.


Casemiro seems to have a license to distribute. So much so that despite being one of the toughest players to have played in LaLiga, the brazilian has not seen a direct red card yet.

dirtiest players in history
Casemiro despite not giving candy, has not yet seen a red in the League. PHOTO: capture Youtube


Other players who have made merits to be on this list could be:

Stuart Pearce, Joey Barton, Denis Wise, Gennaro Gattuso, Luis Suarez, Ayala, Paolo Di Canio, Diego, Martagón, Aguirre Suarez, Pedro Fernández, Goyo Benito, Fernando Hierro…

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