The data that leaves the group stage of Russia 2018

The data that leaves the group stage of Russia 2018
These are the data left by the group stage in Russia 2018. Photo: The Impartial

The first phase of the World Russian 2018 is history and at the gates of the knockout stages of the competition, It is a good time to take stock of what the world has left us so far. surprises, disappointments as the elimination of Germany and many goals. These are the data of the group stage of Russia 2018.

They were labeled 122 goals in 48 meetings, leaving a very high average per game, nothing more and nothing less than 2,54 goals per match. Only Denmark-France, whose tie benefited both selections, He ended zero to zero. Only they had 9 draws in these 48 matches.

Belgium was the team that got more goals in the group stage 9, They were followed by England and Russia 8. On the other Panama was the most goals conceded in World 11 goals against which together with their zero points, he became the last team of the tournament. Tunisia received 8 goals and Saudi Arabia 6 (5 in the first game).  Uruguay received no goal in three games and Brazil, Croatia, France and Denmark just one.

Only three teams got full of victories and points in the group stage. They were Uruguay, Belgium and Croatia. And only two teams made full but reversed, defeats. Were Egypt and Panama. The group with the most goals was the G group , that of Panama, Tunisia, Belgium and England 24 (17 of them in the last two selections) and the less the C, that of Australia, Peru Denmark and France 9 goals together.

They went into eighths 10 of the 14 Europeans (Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia and Russia),  4 of the 5 South American (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia), 1 of the 3 CONCACAF (Mexico) Y 1 of the 5 Asian (Japan). The five Africans were eliminated in the group stage. We'll see what awaits us in the rest of the tournament.

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