Parents and children soccer players

Parents and children soccer players
George Weah is the only African Ballon d'Or in history but he never played in a World Cup. His son Timothy did it in Qatar 2022. PHOTOMONTAGE: Colgados

You know how many sagas parents and children soccer players has been known in professional football? Surely more than one of the protagonists of this article said that to his father that from Dad want to be like you! when I was little. And it is that football in his blood and many front-line players triumphed, exceptions, equal to or more than their own parents.

In some cases, sagas have spread to the third generation, including even grandchildren.

Parents and children professional soccer players

Marcos Alonso (Grandpa, son and grandson)

Marcos Alonso Mendoza (1990), Marquitos' grandson (Marcos Alonso Imaz 1933-2012) and his father Marcos Alonso Peña (1959), They are not only part of a lineage of footballers as well as being called the same 3 but they also achieved an unusual milestone in Spain: be the third generation of the same family to wear the shirt of the Spanish National Team.

parents and children soccer players
The Marcos Alonso, an excision of footballers who share blood, the same name and having debuted with the Spanish team. PHOTO: Brand

Johan-Jordi Cruyff

The Cruyff surname weighed and much Jordi. Son of one of the greats of world football does not have to be easy and more when above the coach who makes you debut in a whole giant like Barca's your own father. Even so, Jordi completed a more than decent career playing for teams like Barcelona itself, el Manchester United, Espanyol, Alaves he played with the legendary final UEFA against Liverpool in 2001 and the Dutch. It will always feel if it had been a player more valued if his name had been another. His father's career, It is well known.

Manolo Sanchis and Manolo Sanchis JR

The Sanchis can boast agree on several things. Father and son played at Real Madrid, both were defenses, They won the European Cup and played a World Cup in the case of Father and two in the case of child. further, Manolo Sanchis JR, juice 524 Primera Division matches.

Definitely, the saying like father like son, would neither appropriate, in addition to the physical resemblance that sported during his time player. The only moon, the father, Valencian, It was formed in the quarry of Barca and son, from Madrid, He played his entire career at Real Madrid.

Patrick and Justin Kluivert

The father, Patrick, he was one of the best Dutch strikers of his time. He had a great career in teams like Ajax, the Barca, PSV and others, including Valencia. Precisely his son Justin also signed for Valencia in 2022 and has played in teams like Roma, Nice and Ajax himself. They almost coincide in the field because Patrick (1976) He was removed in 2010 and his son (1999) debuted for Ajax in 2016.

Parents and children soccer players
The Kluiverts another saga of footballers. PHOTO: Colgados

Enrico y Federico Church

The Chiesas are another of those sagas father and son footballers. Enrico was an important player in Serie A especially in that Parma powerful at that time and in the Italian national team at the end of the 90 and early 2000. Meanwhile, Federico he is already one of the best players in Italy, international and champion of the European Championship 2020.

Cesare, Paolo and Davide Maldini

Cesare Maldini It was an outstanding midfielder who won the hearts of fans of AC Milan. Italian international, after retiring he coached AC Milan team and the Italian team. Your son, “The Beautiful” Paolo Maldini, He was one of the most outstanding players of the decade of the 90s and retired in its lifetime, Milan after more than two decades defending the shield.

He retired relatively recently, in 2009, with 40 years after 25 year career where he became with 902 parties in the player with the most games played with the Rossoneri. It also has long been the captain of the Italian national team. It is one of the best defenses in football history.

To follow the saga parents and children soccer players of Maldini, Davide Paolo sapling, also he debuted with the shirt of Milan in professional football in 2020.

parents and children soccer players
The Maldini, a saga of footballers dedicated to Milan. PHOTO: ABC

Carlos and Sergio Busquets

Carlos Busquets was the eternal substitute in Barca del Dream Team. On leaving Zubizarreta in 1994, He took the title but never got to stand out as a premier goalkeeper, in fact always he discussed qualities to play in a big as Barcelona.

His son Sergio however surpassed his father's career more than. essential player in the club and the Spanish selection, before turning 30 He had already won the Champions League several times, League, Copa del Rey, Mundialito clubs, European Championship and World. Almost nothing.

Perico, Mikel and Xabi Alonso

Perico Alonso was an institution in the Royal Society and international with Spain. His two sons also played at Real Sociedad. Mikel's largest, Real Sociedad played, Bolton ,Tenerife and Charlton. the medium, Xabi, everyone knows. The Real Madrid player is a leader in midfield white club and the national team. As we said former player of Real Sociedad and Liverpool, They have in their possession Champions, League, Copa del Rey, World Cup and two European Championships and what remains.

Miguel and Pepe Reina

Miguel Reina It was a Spanish goalkeeper who played between 1964 Y 1980. He played for Córdoba, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, where lost a European Cup for an anecdote that has overtones of urban legend. Twice he won the Zamora trophy, League, Fairs Cup, Generalissimo and Intercontinental.

Your son Pepe Reina It is well known. The former Barca, Villarreal, Current Liverpool goalkeeper Napoli, It is the eternal substitute of the Spanish team with which he has won two European Championships and World. Portero like his father, He is known for his sense of humor and his later shows the triumphs of the Spanish team.


Another complete saga. The uncle, Paco Gento, known as the Galerna del Cantábrico, Real Madrid legend and one of the players who have won the European Cup the most times. His nephews Julio and Paco Llorente, professional footballers and even in the case of Paco, international with Real Madrid. Paco's son, Marcos Llorente is also an international player and a player for teams like Real Madrid and Atlético. But it doesn't end there. The grandfather of Marcos Llorente is Ramón Grosso, another glorious former Madrid footballer who played with his great-uncle. And if that was not enough, 2 Llorente were more professional athletes but in Basketball.

Djalma Dias-Djalminha

In many sites they have made the mistake of saying that the father of the great Djalminha was Djalma Santos, that mythical Brazilian winger who won two World Cups with Pelé and Garrincha. The truth is that Djalminha is the son of a former footballer but was Djalma Dias, a defender who played for Palmeiras, Atlético Mineiro, Santos, Botafogo and was 21 times by Brazil but did not participate in any World. Your son, as most of our readers know, was a magician ball wayward character marveled in the ranks of Deportivo Coruna. Skilful and spectacular, It was a joy to watch him play.

Cundi and Ruben Suarez

Cundi It was a brave side who developed his career at Sporting Gijon and became international in Spain. Your son, Rubén, whose resemblance to his father is huge, He was champion Mundial Sub 20 Nigerian 1999 with Casillas or Xavi among others. Former Sporting player like his father and Elche, It was in the Levante where it reached its highest point and reached the top flight where he stood out for his left foot like a glove and free kicks. He is an idol at the club granota.

parents and children soccer players
Cundi and Ruben, like two drops of water.

Eusebio and Roberto Rios

Eusebio Rios He was born in Vizcaya defense almost curiously he developed his professional career in Andalucia, especially in the Real Betis. Your son Roberto Rios It was the most expensive defense of Spanish football, a resounding signing of the time.

Born in Bilbao, Roberto it formed in the lower levels of Betis but his Basque roots made the Athletic Bilbao You notice him and pay 2000 million pesetas, spectacular and figure considering that it was a defense. International fixed Clemente, his career was not as well as it was intended and the pressure of being one of the most expensive signings, coupled with injury problems, They made to leave football with just 31 years.

Valentino and Sandro Mazzola

It is a saga that figures prominently in the history of Italian football. The father, Valentino, He was the captain of that mythical “Grande Torino” who died on the hill of Superga 1949. His son Sandro, picked up the baton and became one of the great idols of Inter and the transalpine team with which got to dispute the end of Mundial'70 against Brazil.

Mazinho, Rafinha and Thiago Alcántara

Mazinho was a midfielder who had a long journey through Spanish football in teams like the Valencia, Celta Vigo and Elche. International for Brazil, He was world champion in USA`94. Their children, Rafinha and Thiago They were formed in the quarry Barca. Thiago, international for Spain in all categories, chose the Spanish team with Brazilian already has long been international absolute and even played in the World Russia 2018.

parents and children soccer players
Alcantara family, PHOTO: As

Jean y Youri Djorkaeff

Jean, the father, He became the French captain in World 1966 played in England. The son, Youri, He played more than 100 It matches with the French team which won the World 1998 and Euro 2000.

Zinedine, Enzo and Luca Zidane

Stems Zidane also dedicated to this football. Especially Enzo Zidane who managed to debut in the hands of his father in the Real Madrid first team and then go through the Swiss football and Rayo Majadahonda. Luca, also he managed to be with his father in the squad of Real Madrid and even First Division debut in a match in Villarreal.

Enzo and Zinedine Zidane in a match with Real Madrid. Zizou's son played at Rayo Majadahonda. Photo: Concise News

The family Ñiguez

The Ñiguez are a family Argentine footballers. His father, was a professional footballer while his three children, ions, Saul and Aaron also. The most successful has achieved is the youngest of the three, Saúl.

all international with Spain and Atletico Madrid footballer but Jony and especially Aaron, They have a long history in Spanish and even professional football with soccer experience abroad in both cases. In the case of Aaron, middle brother, It was even international in almost all the lower categories of Spain.

Mac Allister family

The Mac Allister as Ñiguez, are also a whole family of players but in this case Argentine. Father Carlos “Colorado” Mac Allister became a full international in Argentina Caniggia, Balbo and the last years of Maradona. His three sons Alexis, Kevin and Francis are professional footballers and they have already played a few matches in the first division of Argentine football.

parents and children soccer players
The saga Mac Allister complete. Photo:

Gica Hagi is Ianis

The Maradona of the Carpathians also he has a son footballer. This is your child Ianis Hagi who in turn it is also the nephew of Gica Popescu, former teammate of his father in the Romanian team and the club and brother of the mother of Ianis.

Alf-Inge y Erling Braut Haaland

Erling Haaland Braut has entered through the front door in world football based on goals. Alf-Inge His father was also a player and had a good tour in English football until a derby Manchester City, Roy Keane injured and retired for personal revenge coming from 4 years ago.

Father and son played together in an international match

The really curious case of father and son was to Arnor Gudjohnsen and Eidur, Former Chelsea and Barcelona among others, they came to agree on an international match. While they reached no match on the field, for the son replaced the father, If they played in the same game.

This story and we tell you and you can read it in Colgados here . Another worthy family name would be Marcos Alonso, where the father and son were soccer players and grandson, the race continues playing in the English Premier. Danish children Michael Laudrup They are also professionals.

the Gudjhonsen
Arnor and Eidur Gudjonshen They agreed in an international match. PHOTO: Google

curiously, none of the major historically speaking, except Cruyff, He had a son who played on the first level of international football. No offspring of Don Alfredo Di Stéfano played football professionally.

Pele's son, Edinho, tried to be professional but didn't stand out. None of the children Maradona (RIP), neither recognized nor furtive, Nor they have come far in the world of football. As to the children of Cristiano and Messi, They are still too small to value them but, Will their offspring some figures as their parents within a few decades?, will undoubtedly have a hard way to go for it.

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