The Paleolithic diet of Marcos Llorente

The Paleolithic diet of Marcos Llorente
The Llorente diet draws the attention of many media. PHOTO:

The physical strength and energy of the Atlético de Madrid player, Marcos Llorente not only lies in his impressive exercise routine in the home gym, but also in his diet of two meals a day with vegetables, fruits, meats and zero processed foods.

Called the cave food, the paleo diet is a healthy eating style that seeks to imitate the way of eating of our ancestors of the paleolithic era, discarding all kinds of manufactured products.

Under the philosophy of "My life is my body and I live from it", the player called up for the senior team in the game against the Netherlands, does not have breakfast, but he does eat lunch and dinner until he's satisfied with meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables and seeds.

With this primitive diet, as some detractors call it, we eliminate processed foods that are saturated with fried foods, refined sugar and artificial additives directly related to serious health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. By dispensing with processed foods, the levels of sugar and cholesterol will be regulated in a healthy way in our organism ", holds Sonia Velasquez, specialist from the Health and Wellness section of the Supplement Guide.

According to the specialist, to purify our diet it is necessary to also eliminate cereals, Pasta, processed dairy, candies, the coffee, among other products that contain large amounts of sugar.

Despite how difficult it is to maintain such a strict style, the Atlético de Madrid player assures that after the adaptation process, He is doing very well to the point that people from his closest environment have begun to imitate him.

But nevertheless, such a restrictive diet could also have other types of effects. For critics, the paleo diet creates a calcium deficit (present in milk, yogurt and cheese), vitamin D (cereals) and magnesium (meat is not a rich food it is this mineral).

further an excess of meat red and eggs, in the same style as cavemen, it would affect our heart.

The permanent consumption of red meat increases the presence of a particular molecule which is responsible for most cardiovascular diseases.

But nevertheless, the appropriate combination with green leafy vegetables could alleviate this deficiency and not do without essential vitamins and minerals for health.

In the case of a lack of calcium, which is harmful to teeth and bones, can be supplemented with adequate intake of small fish.

About vitamin D., it is possible to obtain it with a few minutes of sun and the help of supplements prescribed by a specialist.

About rice, in Mexico it is replaced with a dish called cauliflower rice. To achieve this, the vegetables are chopped into very small pieces, it is fried with olive oil and salt and black pepper are added to taste. After a few minutes of cooking, uncovered so that the "rice" fluff.

Despite criticism, energy in the game of Marcos Llorente it would be proof of the benefits of this diet.

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