The worst signings in the history of Real Zaragoza

The worst signings in the history of Real Zaragoza
Marco Pérez is one of the worst signings in the history of Real Zaragoza. PHOTO: Brand

Who are the worst signings in the history of Real Zaragoza? The whole hand, is one of the historic 1st Division despite its history in the XXI century is far from that experienced in the twentieth. In recent very turbulent decades where he has lived more in Segunda than anywhere else, the picture of the Romareda has signed some of the worst seasons in its history and by extension, also some of the worst signings of the same. We remember some of them.

The worst signings in the history of Real Zaragoza

Marco Perez

They came to name the worst signing in the club's history. Maybe it sounds somewhat exaggerated although his performance was rather poor and nonexistent. He came very young to play in Zaragoza and failed but seeing the day of his presentation when he went to the ground becoming a self Dodge, would expect some of it. We talk about it in more depth in this article.


When he arrived from Porto in the early twenty-first century by a 500 million old pesetas, some ventured to say that the new Roberto Carlos came. Nothing is further from reality since neither physically nor technically poor Esquerdinha was close to being half leg lateral famous carioca. Overweight problems did the rest and the player, It was a real pufo in Zaragoza. Died in 2018 to the 46 years.


Zaragoza came to pay a 13 million euros by the Serbian player who was the highest paid player transfer for the club hand. He arrived early twenty-first century and was seriously injured, besides, in that same season, the 2001-02, Zaragoza descended to Second. It had to swallow 4 seasons in which hardly gathered 39 parties and his scoring contribution was almost nonexistent. He ended up playing third division clubs like Aragon La Muela or Sariñena. Incredible but true. In 2014 he suffered a serious car accident.

Otto Konrad

Austrian goalkeeper came in 1997 a Real Zaragoza got like all other clubs in the new boom of the Bosman ruling. He debuted fitting a hand in the Vicente Calderon and is that what starts badly ends badly. He signed a ruinous season and left the club hand just a year after arriving.

Alen Peternac

Balkan arrived from Real Valladolid where he triumphed with the mission of being the new Zaragoza striker 2000. If you became a star in Pucela in Zaragoza he acquired the role of star. Juice 9 games in his first season, they gave to Murcia at the next where he did not surrender and return to Zaragoza was a year without record and therefore without playing. A ruin of signing for Zaragoza.


The Spanish-Italian raised in Tenerife was a player of such a long career in Spanish football. Rendered practically in all the clubs where he played less at Real Zaragoza where in a whole minute and despite playing only managed to pierce the rival nets once season. With this background and considering it was center forward, it was clear that was not going to last long in the Romareda as well was.

Paco Pavon

Never a slogan could do as much damage as that of “Zidanes and Pavones” especially for the last slogan. At the beginning of the XXI century, Pavon was the sign of the quarry that Madrid Galacticos but despite minutes played white, It was more of a myth than a reality. Zaragoza is the place we jelled as bad performances that fans ended up nicknaming him “Paco Pavor”. Almost nothing.


The Russian came to Zaragoza 20 years in 1996 and was 4 seasons at the club, good contract because he was loaned to Dinamo Moscow in between. He alternated substitutions with tenures and never managed to get a permanent position despite the quality he had or was assumed to have..


Nordin Wooter He was another of those talented Dutch footballers from Suriname who triumphed above all in the Ajax youth system in the middle of the 90. Under that vitola star and won a European Cup with the team in Amsterdam 1995 He arrived in Zaragoza 1997. two seasons, in 20 parties and the feeling that passes through the Romareda was a complete failure.

Gustavo Nery

Real Zaragoza signed this Brazilian player 2007 on loan and did not finish the season or. Between physical problems and foreign affairs as a flight to Brazil alleging judicial issues, They ended with the player back to the Corinthians without having contributed virtually nothing to the table maño.

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