The 'Brexit’ in the world of football

The 'Brexit’ in the world of football

UK spoke. With a 52 % in favor of Yes, the British decided to leave the European Union. Something that will not be immediate because it has to follow a series of legal proceedings but has already noted across Europe economic and social level after legally start the process by UK. The letter signed by Theresa May with the intention of UK to leave the EU has already been delivered in Brussels, headquarters of the European body.  But, How does this dreaded 'Brexit’ to football? We'll tell you roughly.

Premier gets into serious trouble. With the approval of 'Brexit’ the free movement of workers and citizens of the European Union ends the territory of UK employment level both entry-level and leaving the country. That means that all Italian players, Spanish people, German or any country of the European Union immediately becomes non-EU.

They would need a work permit to enter and work in the country. But is that to get such permission, These players should have played between 30% and a 75 % Match with your selection, by FIFA post, in recent 2 years. According to this, almost 600 players of 4 first divisions of England (Premier, Championship, League one y League Two) They would be in trouble and could not play in English football. Furthermore cases as Kante or Mahrez, not be repeated because under that legislation could not reach the base of English football. They could not catch young hopefuls as in the case of Cesc or Bellerín taken from Spain to 16 years.

All this, cause a drastic drop in the level of the English leagues particularly in the base where only local players and belonging to the UK, could play. Premier restrict their foreign contracts and much. And if that was not enough, a devaluation of the pound against the Euro, also entail a deterioration of wages and large local and international stars who met the requirements, They may also escape the now buoyant English football.


In Spain for example we find that players like Bale would become non-EU player and all belonging to UK, would have serious trouble playing outside the islands being limited non-EU quotas. Leaving the European Union, the Bosman law would have no effect on them. Sure this topic has not said the last word and that the legal process seems to be slow so be attentive to what happens.

With the Brexit Bale would become non-EU.
With the Brexit Bale would become non-EU.

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