April 14, 2021
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    Jorge Taborda Restrepo

    Of course the editor is a simple ‘google’ researcher, never historian. The greatest Argentine soccer player will always be JO-SÉ MA-NU-EL MO-RE-NO. The most complete: Antonio Sastre, from exceptional goalkeeper to dangerous and lively left pointer: a football. There close: Adolfo Pedernera. See, journalist ‘faulero’, how I played from 1957 a 1960 Omar Sívori to tell me if Maradona and Messi are superior to this one. Another ammunition was the goalkeeper Américo Tesoriero, also known as Tesoriere or Tesorieri. You have to study a lot, journalist friend, and for this I recommend, since the initiation of the Argentine professional championship (1931) a TRUE teachers of history and of the chronicle of this activity as Ardigó, “Borocoto”, Ardizzone, Reverte (Rodríguez Reverte and Hernández Reverte), Panzeri, Walterio Gomez; and coaches like Stabile, Cesarini, Peucelle, a fine, true connoisseurs of all kinds of football.

  2. 13


    you forgot the carlovich trinche that maradona told him was better than

  3. 12


    You left out beto alonso you are carrying me and walter samuel i am argentinian so i know.

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    Joel Gonzalez

    Obviously the one who put together this top is ignorant ,since you cannot play a player for their titles because they are won as a team. If Maradona is undoubtedly Maradona, he is the best because he won a World Cup, then Pelé is three times better than Maradona, since he won three if Messi had lived through Maradona's Epaca and Maradona that of Messi.… Messi would have four World Cups since Leo's discipline and perseverance are much better and that deserves recognition because he takes work and not to mention the colleagues that Diego had I do not fall into the lack of common sense like many… In saying who is better Maradona was incredible but he was in a good time in Argentina they came from winning three world championships ago. The final that Argentina lost against Germany… It was Messi who led his team to Maradona in 1986.
    Look at the summary of the World Cup 1986 and the 2014 and compare. Let's not be guided only by what most , we analyze for ourselves.

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    This Gatti at the top 10, Bochini and Riquelme in the reference and is not Alonso? Really? With what foundation? Alonso was World Champion, Intercontinental champion, Libertadores champion, 186 official goals, 262 goals counting friendlies, 29 free kick goals (5to history in Argentina), 47 penalty goals (3ro in history), 2Sudamericano do Footballer of the world in 1975. It is a lack of respect for the most complete number ten of Argentine football after Diego and Leo. And I say well, Alonso was more complete than Bochini or Riquelme. Better not, but more complete (besides being owner, had more goal and passing game two) and minimum, at the same level. Let her mention , but it seems that made him a fan of Boca …

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  7. 9

    Douglas Rodriguez

    I do not agree with this. Undoubtedly Diego, without discussion, Messi very good and everything queras but you made in the selection and not playing in Barcelona is shat, put him third or fourth. and where you leave Corbatta, Charro Moreno, Labruna,Rojitas. Dad has not seen football, I assure you that Messi is better than those I mentioned.

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    Argentina football now has so many idols,old one,He saw no play,quisas were better than put q,and they had played in Europe in these tiempos.labruna,Sanfilipo,the trinche,bochini.daniel passarela must be between 10 Best of Argentina,but I could not see how defensive player,x numbers and play in Europe and be in the ideal team of world,It must be in Argentina,the number 9.

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    I'm from Panama,and I like the Argentine soccer,I vessel in statistics,years in Europe,trophies,Player talent,for my Maradona and messi,It is either # 1, Stefano 3.alfredo,4,kempes,5,batistuta,6.Sivori,7.and puppets zanetti.8.tevez.9.vianchi,10,crespo.pero soon the agüero kun come in and stay between 8 Y 9.

    1. 7.1


      1. All the best player and best player in the history not only of Argentina, di Stéfano, well above the rest. 2 Maradona, 3 Lionel Messi, well below the 2 first 4 Kempes 5 Batistuta 6 Perfumo 7 Fillol, 8 Veron 9 Zanetti 10 Redondo 11 Ruggeri…

  10. 6


    as every review is on the likes of card issuer, I agree on 5 first, This will always be subjective because hardly anyone saw them play to all players of all time

  11. 5


    ¿Redondo? ¿Cats? And Alonso, Rojitas, Bochini,Moreno, Corbatta, Angelillo, Male, Riquelme, Marangoni, Houseman, Pedernera, Witch Veron Father and son? Have you seen a ball kicked those who wrote such gansada?

  12. 4

    Women's Football

    such as this page tells you the URL per FOOTBALL PLAYERS BEST yyyy '????????? there is nothing FEMALE gutbol

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