The best teams in Mexico

The best teams in Mexico
Who are the best Mexican teams? PHOTO:

What are the best team in Mexico? A hard question to address where titles combined, hubby, Delivery of the players and many other relevant issues. Without setting a contempt for the other teams, These are judgment Hanging by the Football, the ones we propose.

Who are the best teams in Mexico?

America: only team with Chivas to have participated in all editions of the First Mexican division. The most successful team. Three times semi-finalists and Copa Libertadores finalist once the Copa Sudamericana, in 2006 He was fourth in the Club World Cup. It is the most hated, the most popular inside and outside the country, For better and for worse. Televisa company property, their high budgets allow them to sign the best players, but also be the proudest. Son “Real Madrid of Mexico”. Yes indeed, play in the Estadio Azteca.

Chivas: a popular study Mexsport He defined this team as one of the teams with the most followers in the world (33 millions), only surpassed by Flamengo. It is the second oldest of Mexican soccer and the best image abroad. They have participated in all leagues, Like America.

His transfer policy focuses on not having foreign players, what makes them a team highly appreciated abroad, the image and likeness of what happens with Athletic Bilbao. Highly valued abroad, possibly, those who most, because his love unconditionally supports the team wherever you go.

Toluca: in continental competition does not yield the desired level, causing him to lose prominence in European news, generating lack of knowledge among the general public of the Old Continent. Nevertheless, the Bombonera de Toluca is considered one of the best stadiums to watch a football match, the atmosphere generated. One of the best teams in Mexico.

Blue Cross: a landmark and one of the largest known internationally. It is the second team in Mexico City, Atletico Madrid say Mexican. Cementeros called by the brand of cement Cruz Azul, were Machine in years 70. Football making machine, possibly, which it is best seen in the history of the Mexican league.

Tigers: certainly one of the best teams in Mexico but the best in the second decade of the XXI century. It has received in this period with one of the best players who have gone through the Mexican soccer, French André Pierre Gignac. With an incomparable fan as defined themselves, their stadium is nicknamed the “Volcán”. He has been eager to win titles in the last five years.

Monterrey: The other big team Monterrey, futbolera a city that is divided between Tigres and Rayados in a derby called The Royal Classic, one of the most intense in the world. Another major more than important Mexican teams always aspiring to win everything with a hobby. One of the best teams in Mexico.

Pumas: They say one the most numerous hobbies Mexico make him a legend outside Mexico, among other things, because the name does not leave anyone indifferent. University and business go hand in hand, when Pumas have to help. It is the third team in Mexico City, or second, be seen.

Pachuca: he dean of Mexican soccer and a landmark in every way. In 2006, He won the Copa Sudamericana becoming the first and only team to win a tournament outside the CONCACAF, making it definitely unique. Possibly, this is the most important milestone in history by a Mexican team.

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