What Latin American team you drop worse?

What Latin American team you drop worse?
Which are the teams that fall worse in Latin America? PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

Which are The most hated teams in Latin America? Suffice to say that this article is nothing against any team, country, city ​​and even fewer fans. But nevertheless, Who has not ever wanted to demote such equipment or things will go wrong for one reason or another? That mysterious question is what today attempts to resolve Colgados for football through a curious survey that allows us to point out which teams are the most hated in Latin America for various reasons. In an area of ​​the world where the beautiful game is almost a religion.

And it is that in Latin America football is lived at another level going beyond one of the best football phrases in history. That pronounced by Arrigo Sacchi and what did that say about: "Football is the most important of the least important things".

Thus, We are going to transfer the question to our followers in those parts so that among all, vote for the 'least loved teams in America'. vote.

What are the most hated teams in Latin America?


Which team in Latin America is the most hated?

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